Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weird Wednesdays ~ GITD Polish Comparison!

Hello Dahlings!
I admit it. I really get a kick out of wearing glow-in-da-dark nail polish! When it's bed time, I set da house alarm, turn out da lights, head up stairs wiggling my glowing fingers in da dark. LOL I have quite a few gitd polishes from several brands & some are better than others. So today, I'll show you swatches of my gitd stash & tell you which one's I think are worth buying, which aren't & why.
Be warned! This post is pic heavy & a diet wasn't doable.
 This page has my BK (Born Pretty Store),
Blue Cross Pumpkin (in many drug stores in October)
& Claire's GITD polishes.
 The same swatches under black light...
 ...and in full dark. The BK polishes are pretty lame
& Claire's purple gitd is a dud.
 Page 2 has Hello Kitty (Born Pretty Store),
Nabi (Amazon) & Republic Nail (TJ Maxx)
 Under black light... full dark. Again da BPS gitd polishes aren't really doing much, 
da Nabi's are pretty good & da RN's aren't too shabby.
 These are those milky white, semi sheer toppers that most brands offer for their gitd polish. Black Heart Beauty Major Ranger (Hot Topic), China Glaze Ghoulish Glow (Sally's Beauty Supply), Rubie's GITD (Spirit Halloween Store), Sinful Colors GITD & Wet N' Wild Fantasy Makers Go With The Glow (in many drug & Halloween stores in October).
 Under black light...
 ...and in da dark. The Sinful Colors performed the best for me this year, Rubie's came in 2nd, China Glaze, BHB & WW brought up da rear with only so-so performance. Has anybody else had issues with their China Glaze Ghoulish Glow separating? I got my bottle last year & every time I look at it, it has split itself into a thick bottom layer with tinted fluid above. Shaking it blends it back together, but China Glaze polishes usually behave better than this!
Color gitds:
Blue Cross Pumpkin does well across da board & the darker colors don't need undies.
BK pretty much sucks.
Claire's is hit & miss, but considering it's price ($7) it should perform better.
HK sucks too.
Nabi did fairly well, tho' they can be hit or miss for individual colors.
They are very sheer & need white undies. (I tried them over colors,
but they didn't glow very well.)
These are intended for toppers:
Black Heart Beauty's best feature is da skull bottle.
China Glaze works ok, but can separate in da bottle
Rubie's works well for a cheap polish.
Sinful Colors made an awesome gitd this year!
(I should have grabbed 2 when I had da chance!)
Most of these work ok, except for the BK & HK lines from Born Pretty Store.
While I've had good success with the other polishes I've bought from them, I can't recommend either of these gitd polish lines.
Top picks:
Blue Cross Pumpkins for colors & Sinful Colors for a use-over-any-color top coat.
(you can still find pumpkin polishes online at eBay & Amazon)
This is the black light I use for testing & photographing gitd polishes. I got the light in a local Spirit Halloween store, but you can still get one for yourself here. Da lamp is a spring clamp with a socket. Nothing fancy & available in home improvement, hardware & some home décor stores for pretty cheap. (under $10).
Here's your reward for scrolling thru all this:
I'se sleepin here on my favs napping Grand Paw!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Dang Girl!!! Do you own every GITD polish ever made??? LOL

    But I love the info! The only one I own is the China Glaze. Glad it works!

    1. Not quite. LOL BPS carries dozens of gitd colors that I won't be buying & I think there may be a few BC Pumpkin gitd colors I don't have yet...I'll have to wait for next year to get those. (I guess my wait problem has a few exceptions. LMBBO)

      Could you let me know if your CG gitd separates? I don't know if this happens to all bottles in this line or just the batch mine came from. The polish works fine, it's just odd.

  2. and I own a crappy wet n wild one! tada

    1. The WNW works! Better than any of the BPS ones. LOL


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