Monday, November 11, 2013

Swishie Nails CASE!

Hello Dahlings!
When my Dahling Polish Daughter, Swishie from Swishie Nails, posted this mani on Halloween...well I squee'd really loud & knew I had to CASE it!
(Copy And Share Everything)
I ended up not copying it exactly, but the concept & colors are all my DPD's idea.
You can see her creation HERE!
 Da line up: China Glaze Stone Cold & Republic Nail gitd
(no name or # polish from TJ Maxx)
plus a small detail brush & medium larger dotter
 2 coats of Stone Cold.
I wish China Glaze would do more matte finish polishes like this!
Stone Cold is self leveling & while it goes on a bit streaky, it dries nice & smooth
(except where I have a patch on my ring finger lol
ain't nothing gonna hide that speed bump!)
 Swishie's Halloween kitties are sweet,
mine are more...demonic mischievous putty tats.
I used da brush to paint da cat heads & then used da dotter to make dots where I wanted da eyes to be, then back to da brush to add pointy slants to da eyes. Da paw prints were done using both ends of da dotter.
 Under black light...
...and in da sink!
This isn't a strong a gitd effect cuz I applied da gitd polish over a dark polish,
but it still amused me on my way to bed.
Ciri has his demonic mischievous moments too...
 I've got you now, Paw!
 I ain't letting go!
Nom nom nom nom...
It's not da biting, but rather da chewing that hurts! LOL
Mr Inky discovered that pulling his sleeve (or a sock as in this pic) down over his hand works rather well for protecting his hand & giving Ciri something to sink his teeth & claws into that doesn't involve My Inky's losing blood.
(da man's hands were looking like he'd taken up blackberry bush wrestling
& da bush was winning consistently LOL) 
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I feel really honoured :'). Yours are way better than mine. Bless him trying to imitate your nails in real life ;)

    1. Aw shucks, your mani was totally sqeeee worthy! Are not! <3

      His claws are MUCH sharper than mine & so are his teeth. I rarely draw blood when I scratch & chew on Mr Inky. LOL

  2. hehe this is so totally fun!!!! you make me laugh my inky cute xxxxxx

    1. Thanks! If I made you chuckle, my Mistress, then I've done it right. <3

  3. Oh, my gosh, that is just toooooo cute...

    1. Thanks! Between the design & the gitd-ness I had lots of fun with this mani.


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