Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weird Wednesdays ~ Stamping on Nail Wraps?

Hello Dahlings!
My foray into da world of nail art started with an early New Year's pledge to keep my nails painted in 2012. It got a big nudge when I was in Las Vegas with Mr Inky in December of 2011. He had a business trip & I got to visit LV for da 1st time! While wondering around that big mall on da east end of da strip, you know da one, it's just past da Treasure Island hotel (where we stayed). Anywho, da Incoco sales gal sucked me in & then spit me out with a bunch of nail wraps & a cc receipt that made Mr Inky wince. I have used some of da wraps I got that day, but realized recently that at almost 2 years old...I probably should use those bad babies before they can't be used due to old age.
So I had this idea...
 Da line up: Kleancolor Matte in Slumber Party, Berry Twist, Fashion District,
Madly Black & plate QA 43 (from Born Pretty Store)
 I started with a set of black glossy Incoco real polish nail wraps in the more-or-less correct sizes for my nails. Then I sponged Slumber Party, Berry Twist & Fashion District in a sort of zig zag-chevron-diagonal pattern using a bit of sponge that I trimmed after each color. I did da sponging on da back of my old DIY Decal template.
 I then stamped da paw prints & some of lil cat images from da plate using Madly Black. Applying da wraps was a wee bit tricksy cuz da adhesive had gone a tad gummy over time & they didn't want to come off da backing paper without trying to tear, but I managed & added a coat of Seche Vite.
I then added a coat of Madly Matte... 
cuz what's da point of using matte polish if I gloss over it in da end?
Ciri wasn't impressed...
in fact he hid his lil head so he wouldn't have to look at my nails.
Not really. LOL He's just cold cuz he grew up in da south east & we live in da north wet. He hasn't grown a winter coat yet & is feeling da damp chilliness of our standard Autumn weather.
Other than some of the wrap sizes being a bit off, I thought this experiment worked rather well. Well enuf to do it again on some of da other plain wraps moldering in my stash.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky
P.S. Oh! I found those missing pics...I had forgotten to label them
& they got lost in with da Ciri pics. Hiding in plain sight! LOL


  1. It certainly makes nail art faster having a dry base colour

    1. Yep, plus it's easier to stamp on a flat surface. DIY decals are cheaper tho. LOL

  2. Love your creativity here. I've also been playing with using nail wraps for art, and this has inspired me! :)

    1. Thanks! Good cuz da more brain cells poppin' da better. lol


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