Monday, November 25, 2013

GITD Stamped DIY Decals!

Hello Dahlings!
After testing to see what gitd polishes I have that can be used for stamping, I just had to do some stamping with them! So far stamping directly on my nails has not worked very well for me, but thanks to Missy at Gnarly Gnails & her DIY Decals tutorial, I figured out a method that does work for me. So here we go...
 Da line up: I Love Nail Polish My Little Glacier (H), Republic Nail plum & silver gitd
 This is 2 yummy coats of smooth holo awesomeness!
 Da original MLG has a subtle silver to ice blue shift, adding da linear holo factor ramps this duo chrome way up da scale of excellence! See how da icy blue is inside da rainbow with da silver on da outside? Does polish get any better than this? I think not!
Unless you're looking at ILNP's other Multi Chrome Holos...
they are just as yummy as My Little Glacier. LOL
 I tried out my new DIY Decal template! Da ever BRILLIANT Tina at Light of the Moon Nails came up with da idea of using a silicone mat to make decals. I already had a translucent white mat that I use with hot glue, making polishicles mostly. (Another great idea from da lady who brought us beer milkshakes! Just kidding tho' Tina does come up with fab nail art accessory ideas!) I traced my already measured decal forms thru' da silicone using a sharpie, cut off da strip, flipped da template over & was ready to go. I used my best-to-date decal base polish, Milani Glosse', to make my decal foundations & after they dried, stamped with da plum using plate FUN 9 from FabUrNails. I then added some details with da silver using a pointy dotting tool.
 Ta Da! What? You can't tell what I stamped?
 How about now? No?
 How 'bout now?
Hello Kitty Skull nails with lil bows under black light!
With just a quick charge under da black light da lil bows glow in da sink.
Da rest glowed as I went to bed too. Me likey this mani a lot!
Da only sadness is that da decals flattened da holo of My Little Glacier.
Ciri discovered a new bad-for-kitty treat...
Eeeek! NO Ciri NO!!!
Choco milk is NOT for meows.
I want to give a HUGE Thank You to Mishka of Lacquer or Leave Her!
for teaching me how to successfully schedule blog posts!!!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. OMG OMG GLOW IN THE DARK HELLO KITTY! that is perfectly stamped. ooooo

    1. Thanks, DPD! I'm getting the hang of stamping on decals & applying them smoothly so they look like I stamped on my nails. LOL

  2. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE!! And give me dat chocolate milks!!!

    1. Thanks! We managed to shoo him off before he got more than a sip. lol

  3. Dude\ really? I only do scheduled posts so I'm glad you're now in the know. I MUST know this silicone decal trick-I can't find the link on her blog I have left her a comment-I so want to do advanced stamping and think this may be for me!

    1. Scheduling is awesome! I'm so grateful to Michelle for 'splaining it to me. <3
      I'm posting a tutorial on Monday that shows step by step how I do my decals.


  5. id love to see more holos and liquid sky lacquer swatches

    1. Holos I can do, but I'll have to get some Liquid Sky Lacquers in order to show them to you. lol


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