Monday, October 13, 2014

Crumpet's Nail Tarts Pick N' Mix ~ 60's & Texture Polish

Hello Dahlings!
This week's CNTPNM is da 60's & a matte or texture polish.
Da best part of this challenge
is that we can pick what we want to do with da 2 prompts!
I'm doing all Halloween manis this month cuz I want to.
I couldn't figure out how to combine Halloween with da 60's
& use matte or textured untrieds,
so I went with Halloween & untried texture polishes.

 Ta Da!
I used da stencils to mask off da lightning stripes,
then applied a thickish coat of da background colors.
I immediately removed da stencils with tweezers
& waited for da polish to took like forever!
(ok, more like 15-20 minutes)
I then took a tiny paint brush
& filled in da areas that had been masked.
No tc need with texture polish!

 Da untried line up ~ OPI Jinx & Alcatraz...Rocks!

which made doing this mani easy peasy!

Next up ~ 70's & gray with a color
>^. .^<

(Dang, I was trying to take a pic of Ciri napping in a cute position...)
Could you put your head down like it was, Ciri?
 That's almost it...pull you face away from da box a bit... it! Thanks, Ciri!
(I'm not kidding, this actually happened
including my giving him verbal instructions that he followed!)
Thanks for stopping by &
please visit da other Tarts!
~ Inky


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