Friday, October 17, 2014

The Devil Wears Polish ~ Halloween Delight NOTW!

Hello Dahlings!
Yep it's Friday & I've been wearing the SAME MANI all week!
This only happens when I'm travelling
or I have a Stamp Camp coming up.
This week is a Stamp Camp prep week
& I know to put on a mani that I like
cuz I'll be looking at it all week.
It also means my cuticles get trashed
cuz I can't lube as much
& da card stock sucks all da moisture out of my skin. Blerg.
So I'm apologizing up front for my scary ass zombie cuticles.
On da bright side... I LOVE THIS MANI!!!
 Holo, glitter, skulls & cross bones...what's not to love?
 This is 2 yummilicious coats of
It's more bright neon purply than da original Afternoon Delight,
so YES, you need to get this one too.
 This is one coat of Halloween.
It's jam packed with small black, purple & silver bits 
along with a healthy heap o' black holo glitter!
I opted to go for 2 blingtastic coats
on my rings & thumbs for this mani.
 Duh! Of course I added gitd.
These water decals are from Pueen thru Amazon.
Looky! I found da sun!
Both of these must have beauties can be found in da
Discounted Prototypes  section & while you're there,
check out all da other stuff on SALE right now!
($1 from each bottle in da ILB section sold
goes to da National Breast Cancer Foundation)
Why are you still here?
Go fill that cart NOW!
>^. .^<
A lil Ziggy porn before you go...
 Rub mah belly, please?
 Do me! 
I'm a sexy Ziggy Bear!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. awesome nails. i want glow in the dark nails. now!

    1. Help yourself! LOL

  2. I was seriously looking at this going "The only way this would be cooler is if it glowed in the dark"...then I scrolled down!! Awesome. :)


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