Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sundays are for Swatchoramas!

Hello Dahlings!
Yeah, it's been like forever since I posted on a Sunday.
I got so behind on my Show & Tell haul posts as well as my
Does it Stamp? posts that getting back on track has been tough.
So I decide to try something new!
For at least da next few weeks
I'll be posting polish collections from
Why just this brand?
If I didn't, I wouldn't want to promote it.
It takes time to paint my nails, take good pics,
remove da polish & repeat several times.
Then comes da selecting, cropping & making sure da polish
is as color accurate as possible. 
(So if you think swatchers get 'free' polish, we don't.
We spend hours earning those polishes.
It easily takes 1 hour per polish from painting my nails
to emailing Tami da finished pics.)
So yeah, this is a sponsored post.
So let me introduce you to da 
All swatches are 2 coats over basecoat.
If I added top coat I will note it with
that pic along with da link to that polish.
Tami's new formula is fast drying & butterlicious!!!
This is with tc under LED light,
but in da shade this multichrome shows it's true colors... get shifts of gold, copper, green, blue & even purple peeks out.
This pic shows da green, gold & copper.
 I caught a bit of da blue around da edges here.
 Be My Frankenstein under LED light.
A lovely medium green
with a moderate golden holo rainbow.
 Demonic (w/tc) is one of those photographic challenges.
Under LED it looks like a medium dark brown holo...
 ...but indirect lighting brings out da copper, blue & purple.
I love polishes that have something fun
going on no matter what da lighting!
 Geist w/tc under LED
Multichromes are so fun when da weather changes
since gray days can bring out all da pretty colors! 
 I caught a bit of da purple, blue, green & gold here.
 Graveyard Gray under LED
This blue leaning gray is one of my favs of this collection!
You can see it in action in my Party in da Graveyard mani
(I have 2 more manis featuring this polish posting this month.)
 Haunt Me w/tc under LED.
 When I saw this beauty in da shade,
I didn't want to take it off!
I caught da green, blue & purple here...
 ...and da purple & pink here!
 Mostly Ghostly under LED
This grayish white also has a subtle pinky purple
shimmer that likes to play peek-a-boo.
Another must have for holo polish enthusiasts!
(I used it for da base color in my Party in the Graveyard mani
as well as for another mani coming soon.)
 Zombies Need Holo 2 under LED
This one is a warmer olive green compared to BMF.
The Zombie mani I posted on Friday is to celebrate
the season 5 of The Walking Dead starting TONIGHT.
Methinks this is another must have if you like earthy greens!
Guess what?
ALL of these polishes are on SALE RIGHT NOW!!!
So save yourself some moola while getting your paws
on this Most Excellent Halloween 2014 Collection!
Okay, one more Halloween polish to taunt & tease you with...
Ghoul under LED
This bright green holo is to be found in
(It's also used in da Party in da Graveyard mani.)
It may or may not live to see a new life in da core holo line... grab yourself a bottle
when you're stuffing your cart with Halloween polish
>^. .^<
Go get some of dose pretties for your claws
or I zap you wif my laser eyes!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


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