Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Devil is Partying in da Graveyard Tonight! (aka The Devil Wears Polish feat. She Sells Seashells)

 Hello Dahlings!

Today's mani came about in an odd way...

I wanted to get a swatch pic of this polish for Tami TDWP

This is 2 hauntingly smooth coats of
This lacquer is more than just a white holo!
It also has a subtle violet shimmer.
I also wanted to use this Graveyard Full Nail Stencil
from She Sells Seashells with a gray polish.
(If you go to She Sells Seashells RIGHT NOW
you can save BIG
I know I could have just painted the gray over the white,
added fdtc & then gone on from there.
However, I knew that using the gray as da base color
could dull the colors of da gradient
I wanted to do over da stencil.
So what's an Inky to do?
Invent a way to do what she wants, that's what!
(at least, I think it's a new idea...
I haven't seen anyone else do quite this exact technique)
(Alas, Ghoul is listed in da prototype section as sold out.)
I grabbed these polishes
& my green, rectangular, hard stamper
& went to work.
 I removed da green rubbery part from da handle
& set it on da table.
I then attached da stencil to da stamper.
I clipped da stencil boarder off on da left side
cuz it didn't have anything to stick to
& wanted to curve up cuz of da curve of da stamper.
(Note to self ~ remove da cat hair before going to da next step!)
I then did a standard 3 color gradient
using a bit of cosmetic sponge.
I used da bottle brush to add Inky all da way up.
 I removed da stencil before da polish could dry
& then set da stamper aside
while I did da same gradient on my nails.
I went back to da stamper & added Graveyard Gray
using a tiny paint brush.
I tried to stay in da lines,
but I lost some of da crispness of da image anyway.
I let GG dry a bit
then added a thick coat of Milani Glosse'.
This is my fav clear polish to use for DIY decals.
While this dried I tc'd my other nails.
 I used tweezers to peel da decal off da stamper
& a thin coat of da Milani Glosse' to attach da decal to my nail.
Small scissors worked a treat to remove most of da excess decal
& acetone with my clean up brush took care of da rest.
A coat of Seche Vite to seal in da goodness
& I was good to go party in da graveyard with da Devil!
I even got a sun pic!
So next time you have a tricky bit of nail art you want to do,
consider doing it as a DIY decal to make your life a smidge easier!
>^. .^<
I wants candy!
(No Ciri, choco isn't for kitties!)
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Great technique! Love love love it...:)

    1. I got the idea for using the stamper to make decals from you! LOL


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