Friday, October 24, 2014

Let's Do the Mash! ~ TDWP Be My Frankenstein & Friends

Hello Dahlings!
It's only a week until Halloween? Where does da time go?
As long as we're all here, we might as well party!
 Will you Be My Frankenstein & go to da Monster Bash with me?
Monster Mash #2, Ghoul & Mostly Ghostly
(BMF & MG are both on SALE right now & Ghoul is still available!)
2 coats smooth as green slime!
Just for shiz & guffaws...
>^. .^<
More pics from mom's last visit...
 What you doing, Missy?
 I gotta gets me that lil blue thingy!
 I wants it!
Why you runs away & no plays with me, lil blue thingy?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Those shades of green are just too awesome! I love it and want some myself!

    Check out my double giveaway and review:

  2. The manicure is cute, and the kittens fill me with joy, particularly the dialogue with da little blue thingy!

    1. Thanks! She never did get her paws on that blue 12 sider. LOL


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