Friday, October 10, 2014

The Walking Dead! feat. The Devil Wears Polish

Hello Dahlings!
Guess what?
This Sunday is the Season 5 debut of The Walking Dead on AMC!
Yeah, I luv me some southern fried zombie killing action.
 To celebrate this momentous occasion,
I did some blood splattered tips using water decals
along with a comparison of 2 generations of zombie polish.
 This is 2 butterlicious coats of
This rich olive green looks fab on its own
& plays well with other polishes 
so you can wear it all year long. 
Zombies ain't just for Halloween anymore! 
 Did you wonder about the '2' in the name?
On my thumb is Zombies Need Holo Too.
(also from The Devil Wears Polish)
ZNHToo is from Tami's 4-free base days
& ZNH2 is from da Halloween 2014 line
done with da new 5-free base.
They are NOT dupes!
TDWP Zombies Need Holo Too & Alternailtive water decals
that I got on Amazon for $5. Da s/h was included as 'free',
but since da brand site also offers free s/h,
you're better off ordering directly from their site in da UK.
Yeah, they cost a wee bit more than most water decals,
but they have really really cool images.
>^. .^<
Ciri & Ziggy on Zombie watch!
 I no see any zombies on dis side. How 'bout you Ziggy?
 Nope, no zombies on da street.
 Hey, Ziggy! Wat' dat? a zombie?
Nah! Just da mini hoomans out playing.
I bored & needs a nap...bye Ciri.
Thanks for stopping bye!
~ Inky


  1. Ooh this looks like some good polish! I hope you enjoy watching the show, and I love the keep calm on them too!


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