Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween with The Little Lacquer Bean feat. She Sells Seashells

Hello Dahlings!
Tonight is Halloween! Am I handing out treats to da kiddlies?
My Inky & I are running away for a grown up weekend
of wandering about a new-to-us town
& checking out some of nature's da pouring rain.
Yeah, we're weird, but we get to be weird together
& that's what counts in life.
I have a new-to-me indie brand to share with y'all today...
This delightful lil shop is da baby of none other than
my blogging buddy Miss K from Pink & Polished
I stumbled across Miss K's blog when she had less than 100 followers
& fell in lust with her perfectly manicured nails & flawless nail art.
Total artistic envy happening here!
2 years or so later, Miss K now has her own brand of polish pretties
& I have her If You Dare... 2014 Halloween collection to show you today.
I bought these funtastic holo treats for myself & you should too!
 Look at all those sparkly rainbows!
 Da line up ~ Sally Hansen OMGhost,
 This is ONE COAT of OMGhost!
I almost didn't get this polish, but I'm sure glad I did.
If you apply a thickish coat, it doesn't streak like most whites.
It does tend to bubble a tiny smidge, but for undies it's perfect.
(I need to test this for stamping!)
I applied 2 smooth coats of each color in a skittle for my base colors. 
Pinky & index ~ Witches Brew
Linear rainbow fest happening here!
Ring & Thumb ~ Spooky Night
This rich deep blue jelly is more of a scatter holo
with a mix of blue, silver & gold holo glitters also has silver holo stars!
Middle ~ Radioactive Slime
This put-your-shades-on neon limey yellow has a gentle rainbow.
 Starry Night is like a star filled night on mah nails!
I slapped on a coat of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly top coat
to get ready for da next step.
I've started using this tc in between layers of nail art.
It's thinner than my beloved Seche Vite, so adds less bulk 
& it dries almost as fast, tho it lacks da thick glossy finish of SV.
 I then applied these most awesome Spider Web Full Nail stencils
from She Sells Seashells cuz they are SO much fun & easy to use!
 These stencils are large enuf that I cut them in half to cover 2 nails.
I then added a lame-assed spider to my index nails
& web French tips to my pinkies & thumbs using Glow-Stly.
I wasn't da polish's fault! I should have used a thinner brush.
Foiled by my own laziness...again. Blerg.
I forgive myself cuz look at dat GLOW!!!
Yes siree...
all 4 of these holos do a fantbulous job of glowing-in-da-dark.
Yeah, I know. I missed a spot in my clean up. LOL
Glow-Stly shows off it's sparkly gitd goodness,
but it can't compete with da glow factor of Radioactive Slime!
So go get yourself some gitd holo fun at
& some vinyl decal ecstasy at
You know you want it!
>^. .^<
 Do's nails too bright! I can't sleeps.
Missy is almost as cute as Ciri...almost.
My mom would argue this, but Missy is her cat.
Thanks for stopping by &
have some wicked fun tonight!
~ Inky

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