Friday, December 6, 2013

First Friday Franken Time!!!

Hello Dahlings!
I know I told y'all that I'd have a stamped decal tutorial for today, but then I remembered that this Friday is da 1st one of da month & that means a First Friday Franken post. 
What is frankening? It's making your own custom polish by either mixing existing polishes together or adding pigments &/or glitter to an existing polish or starting from scratch & mixing up your dream polish using da same ingredients as da Indie polish companies. It's fun & it allows one to create at home what may be a dup for an expensive or hard to find polish or just play with colors til you get something you like. Ever get a polish home only to find you have one very similar to it or it's just not quite your color when you see it outside da store? By putzing with it a lil you can change it into a polish you'll be happy to wear!
Meet X-mas Wrapping! This is 2 coats of one of my holiday franken babies.
I mixed an Elf red mini that had fine red glitter in it with Orly Monroe Red (a red crelly mini) & then added some green glitter nail art polish to da bottle. It has a subtle sparkle,
but da lil green bits peeking out when da light is just right are fun!
What else is fun? She Sells Seashells!
I've only seen these most adorable lil silver reindeer nail bling at my Dahling Polish Daughter Swishie's store. If da whole British pound to US dollar thing messes with your head, have THIS site up in another page or tab while you shop. I got all kinds of modestly priced & unique nail art bits for da holidays & beyond! OK, I'm having a shameless mom promoting her kid moment, but Swishie has worked really hard to find stuff for us that isn't da same old, same old seen on other sites. So go check it out! I'll wait...
You're back! Did you have fun shopping? I sure hope so!
I applied these lil bits of holiday cheer using da Milani Glosse' (cuz it was handy) & da pointy end of a dotting tool. I painted a sloppy French tip on da nail, dipped da tool into it so I had a bit of polish on da tip & then picked up da bits one at a time & placed them on my nail. I sealed da bits in with a coat of Seche Vite & called it good!
End Wear Report: this is after 2 days. Even tho' I had a stamp camp da next day that involved packing & hauling lots of boxes, unpacking, rubber stamping (please ignore da permanent ink on my pinky, it's a hazard of my job & part of how I got da nickname Inky LOL), packing, hauling & unloading da boxes again at home...I had pretty minimal tip wear & no chipping. I give da Orly polish in this mix da credit cuz Elf has worn badly & chipped on me in da past.
Note to readers: I will try to include da end wear report at da time of posting, but since I had to post this mani before I took it off, I'm adding it now.
Did you notice I went from serious claws in my Monday & Wednesday posts to shorties?
Alas, I had a wee bit of an accident Monday afternoon & broke da nail on my left hand middle finger when I went to scratch my leg. Blerg.
OK, I didn't just break it, it ripped it bloody below da nail line...
I won't be polishing this nail for a few weeks! I managed to trim most of da nail away & just have to wait until it grows out. How did this happen? My nails are pretty strong for how thin they are & I add to this by using Orly's Nail Repair kit as an undercoating on all my nails. However, when this undercoat wears thin (I replace it weekly cuz it's acetone soluble & my nails keep growing) my nails are vulnerable to breaking at da nail line cuz there isn't any undercoat that far down da nail. I had taken da gel mani off & wanted to mega moisturize my nails for a day before I refreshed my undercoat & did da mani I'm posting on Monday. I really shouldn't let my nails run around nekkid when they don't have much under armor on...this is pretty much da only time I break nails!
Note to self: DO NOT DO THIS ANYMORE!!!
Why did I chop da rest of my nails? It really bugs me when my nails are
noticeably different lengths, so if one breaks, they all get cut back
& kept short until da broken one catches up.
Here's what Ciri had to say about it:
Don't worry still have enuf nail to give me good skritchies!
You better not pout,
you better not cry,
you better be entered,
you know why!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. That looks so bloody painful!! I see the itty bitty green glitters. Go franken friday! Thank you for your support :)

    1. It was. I said more than a few bad words while I waited for the bleeding to stop. LOL

      Of course, my DPD! How could I not promote all your hard work, scouring da world for nifty nail bling! Methinks I need purple peppermint candy canes on my nails next week...

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! I can't believe your poor nail. ouchie

  3. Ouch that nail! I had the exact same thing 2 weeks ago. Thank goodness they grow back ;)
    I really like your hauls and I would also like to see comparisons!

  4. That looks very painful. Hope it is healing well. I wanted to thank you for the giveaway. It also give me a chance to follow new bloggers. Though I am a stamping nail art person myself, I would love to see more frankening posts on your blog. Thanks :)

    1. It was & thankfully it's healing just fine. I post a different made-by-me franken the first Friday of each month.


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