Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Light Blue & Silver Holo Comparison!

Hello Dahlings!
Do you lemming holo polishes, but your budget won't let you buy one of every color under da sun? Then a holo top coat may be da answer for you! Today I'm comparing some light blue base colors along with several silver linear holo polishes that might work...
 Blue line up: Sally Hansen Flash 04, Kleancolor Neon Aqua 12,
Ruby Kisses Blue's Clue & Kleancolor Sea Ice 113
 2 coats of each polish ~
Pinky & thumb have Flash. it's a bit sheer on da 1st coat, fills out on da 2nd
& probably could have used a 3rd. It has a subtle turquoise shimmer.
Ring has Neon Aqua. Opaque in 2 coats. Goes on smooth. Crème finish.
Middle has Blue's Clue. A wee bit patchy on da 1st coat,
but smoothed out with da 2nd opaque coat. Lighter than da others.
Crème finish.
Index has Sea Ice. Opaque in 2 coats. Goes on smooth. 
Crème finish. A smidge lighter than Neon Aqua.
 Silver holo line up: Jade Psicodelica, Nabi Silver, Born Pretty Store Holo Polish 1,
Beauty Credit Platinum & I Love Nail Polish My Private Rainbow (L) top coat
 Ooops! I started applying da nail art stickers then remembered
that I hadn't snapped a pic of da holos. Silly Inky!
One coat on each nail ~
Pinky has Psicodelica. A thin coat will give you a fairly strong rainbow over any color,
but you do get a silvery overlay that slightly shifts da base color. Goes on smooth.
Ring has Silver. This one went on a bit patchy & da pigment was a bit strong
so shifted da base color. A 2nd coat would have smoothed out da patchiness,
but then da base color would barely show.
Middle has BPS Holo 1. Went on smooth, was sheer enuf to not change da base color
& still gave a noticeable rainbow.
Index has Platinum. Went on smooth but pigment shifted base color too much.
Thumb has My Private Rainbow (L)  as a standard to compare da other to cuz it's intended to be used as a linear holo top coat not a color in and of itself. It really needed a 2nd coat to bring out da rainbow, but I didn't want it to have an unfair advantage over da others.
Da winner is: Born Pretty Store Holo Polish 1 by a land slide!
However, you want to get this polish when it's on sale (like right now!)
cuz $12.88 for 6ml is ridiculous. This polish is a light silver & opaque in 3-4 coats,
so I recommend undies or using it as a linear top coat.
My Private Rainbow (L) is a better value & quality than BSP Holo 1,
so I highly recommend it if da BPS one isn't on sale
or you prefer a better quality polish.
 Since I have a really hard time leaving my nails plain (i.e. no nail art), I added an assortment of wintery image nail stickers from Born Pretty Store. They're a decent value with 12 different mini sets of various designs on da sheet, but I suggest getting 2 sets if you want all 10 nails to match cuz most of da images are in less than 10 quantities. These lil stickers are easy to apply! I used da pointy end of a metal nail file (tweezers or pointy tipped dotting tool would work as well) to lift da sticker of choice off da backing sheet & place it where I wanted it. I gently pressed down to make sure all da edges were flush with da nail. I finished with a coat Seche Vite as usual. Some peeps might think stickers don't count as 'nail art'. WRONG! They may not be hand painted art, but they count as an embellishment to your polish & add a bit of fun without hours of effort. Besides, not all of us can be Dali, ya know?
Here's a close up of thumb so you can see da lil tree sticker.
Is your brain spinning with thoughts of a holo top coat over your favorite polish?
I know mine is! Oh brain's always spinning with future manis ideas. LOL
End wear report: over all these light blue polishes did well for 2 days of wear.
Sally Hansen Flash showed da most tip wear on my thumb, but not bad at all.
I can talk to my butt!
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Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Hey there,
    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your posts! I've been reading for a month or so now and I am always entertained by you (and Ciri and his antics, love the butt comment today!). Anyway, thanks for sharing, please keep posting, and happy holidays!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm amazed at how quickly that lil cat took over our house, hearts & humor. It's not like we've never had a cat before...he's just special on so many levels.

  2. Holo topcoats make life that much easier ;). I see ciri baby shaking that ass, shaking that ass

    1. Yes they do!

      His Royal Tininess of Cute-a-tude reigns at my Mom's too. LOL

    2. Love comparisons posts, keep them coming!

  3. Now you know I buy up all the holos I possibly can, but if you're looking for a good holo topcoat that will change any color, but not ruin the base color too much, I reccomend Colores De Carol's holo topcoat-I forget the name of it, but it's awesome

    1. I bow down before your holo collection! LOL Good to know. I think Carol just joined the FB group I'm in, so tracking her down should be easy. Thanks! <3


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