Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weird Wednesday ~ New Hair & Nails To Match!

Hello Dahlings!
A big Inky smooch to all my lovely new followers! *MUWAH!* Many of you have been leaving comments letting my know what you'd like to see on my blog in 2014 & I've been taking notes! Literally, writing down what y'all are requesting & how many peeps are requesting what. WOOHOO!
So last week Mr. Inky, Ciri & I went to my mom's for Turkey Day weekend. I did my hair the weekend before & knowing that doing nails at mom's with 3 kitties zipping about was not a good idea, so I did a gel mani to get me thru da weekend.
 Peek-a-boo, I sees you!
I managed to do a decent match of my polish to my hair. I still had lots of blue left from last time & when I covered it with Color Jam 2 Party Pink (the pink at my roots) I got a bunch of different shades of purple mixed with da pink streaks! I then tipped my fringes with Ion Brights Sky Blue. Both of these semi-permanent dyes are available at Sally Beauty Supply. Of the 2 brands, I recommend the Ion Brights over Color Jam 2 if you want deep color that lasts more than a few weeks. 
The Ion costs twice as much, but it also absorbs better & lasts twice as long.
 This is my Sensationail LED gel mani kit (comes with da lamp & power adapter, gel cleanser, gel primer & clear base/top coat in mini bottles) & Kiss French White gel polish. I totally scored when I walked into my local Walgreens last month & bought this kit on sale for $45! (da beauty dept manager, Debbie, is FANTABULOUS!) Not only was da kit on sale, but select colors of Sensationail & Kiss gel polishes were 50% off! Squeeee! I had been pricing LED lights online & wasn't willing to pay $50+ for just a lamp or $75+ for a kit. I already have a UV lamp & discovered that my carpel tunnel (mine's in my finger joints where they join my hands...blerg) does NOT like UV lamps. By the end of getting a UV gel mani in a salon or even doing it myself at home, my hands would be painfully numb. (think major pins & needles inside with no ability to feel anything with my skin) I was hoping that an LED lamp would be better & it was! My hands still got painfully tingly, but with less time needed under da light & being able to take breaks as needed, it was noticeably less painful & da numbness wore off faster than when I used a UV lamp. The Sensationail lamp has a 30 second timer built in, so I knew when to take my hand out & not over cook my poor fingers. I don't do gel manis often cuz I get bored & would rather not look at da same nails for a week or more, but knowing I can do one with less pain & numbness before I go traveling is a good thing!
 2 coats of Kiss French White gel polish. Da 1st coat was rather sheer, streaky & prone to patching, but da 2nd coat smoothed it all out just fine. Look at that shine! I didn't clean off da oxidation (da stickness gel polishes get after curing) before taking this pic cuz that stickiness helps regular polish stick better to da gel surface & it's still that shiny! Yes, I said regular polish...
 Da line up: Nabi GITD Purple 08, GITD Blue 07, GITD Fuchsia 06
& Revlon Celestial FX
 I got the Nabi's in this 24 bottle set of glow-in-the-dark polishes for $26.50 + $4.40 s/h on Amazon. That's $1.24 per bottle of gitd fun!
 Under black light.
Da 3 dark polishes in da middle row & da last one on da right in da bottom row are a pearly finish & didn't glow as brightly as da jellies polishes for my camera, but they did glow in person.
 I tried to turn off da black light & re-orient my camera before da glow wore off,
but da polishes farthest from da light faded faster than I could move. 
They all glow & da ones I've used so far have worked really well for nail art.
 I used a bit of dog bone sponge (they look like a big cartoon dog bone & are used to wash cars) trimmed to 1/4" x 5/8" x 1" (I use my pinky nail to measure da length of sponge need when doing gradients) with a stripe of each color painted on it to do my gradients. I go side to side, then up & down to get full coverage & blending. Da small size of my sponge gives me more control & less clean up than if I use a full size make up sponge.
(I use those too & trim them to da size I prefer) I needed 2 coats since da jellies are a bit translucent & I wanted a stronger color than what one coat would give me.
 I then dabbed on silver holo crescent moons, stars & diamonds from Lucky Charms Celestial FX then applied one coat to smooth da lumps and distribute da silver holo micro glitter in da clear base. I followed this up with a coat of Seche Vite & called it good.
I was too tired to bother with a gel top coat at this point.
 I love gitd polish!
Between the holo sparklies during da day & da gitd fun at night,
I was entertained by my nails 24/7 all week long. LOL
Since I use gel polish for my base coat & base color, I didn't have much in da way of tip wear when I removed it last Sunday, after a week of wear, but I did have grow out. Da other reason I don't like to wear da same polish for a week...tip wear & grow out. Blerg.
Here's da rest of my hair in all it's My Lil Pony glory. Da pink & purple streaks were more defined after I applied Brazilian Tech Keratin Treatment with Pequi oil from SBS. It smooth's & seals da hair cuticle & reduces frizz, of which my nappy white peep hair has plenty of if I don't use something to tame it. LOL
 Ciri in Mr Inky's lap at my mom's.
 Lil Miss D trying to figure out if da giant in her house
was going to step on her with those huge foots.
(Mr Inky wears a size 12, so that is a rather large foot)
Her brother, Mickey, observing from da safety of da other end of da room. LOL
Ciri is a lil over a year old & mom's kittens are 6 month's old. They're very close in size right now with Miss D being a lil smaller than Ciri & Mickey being a wee bit larger.
(please forgive da crappy pic quality! Da lighting in mom's house is kinda dim & my camera was freaking out & not wanting to focus.)
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Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. It's a post full of magical girly dreams!!!!!!!

    1. I can't wait until you get old & start dying your hair! LOL

  2. Am totally jealous of your hair color! I'd get in trouble-I'm barely passing the dress code with my hot red hair!!! THank you so much for the nice comment you just left me on my blog. I'm glad there's still people out there who like what I'm doing. I've added you to my Feedly feed-so will be following your cats from now on!

    1. One of the perks of being self employed! lol

      You are MOST welcome! I know it hurts when peeps are stupid mean, but considering the source of the rudeness can take a bit of the sting away. <3

  3. Oh my, your hair color is just AMAZING!!!


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