Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Quickie ~ Shirley Anne Shot Gun Wedding

Hello Dahlings!

For your Monday Quickie I have wintery holiday themed mani
that is super simple, but fun!

 Da line up: Sally Hansen Great White

 2 coats of Great White.
I'm unimpressed.
While it does have a subtle white/pink/green micro glitter shimmer to it in the bottle, this doesn't really show on da nail. It just looks like a semi-sheer pearly white. It also requires at least 3 if not 4 coats for full opacity or white undies. It went on ok, but is so underwhelming that I was glad I had picked it for undies rather than having it show.
(I can see myself frankening this one at some point.)

I made it all better with 2 coats of Shot Gun Wedding! This polish was easy to apply evenly. No fishing required tho I did dab some of da larger shards to get them where I wanted them. I then added these adorable polymer clay lavender & white candy canes I got from She Sells Seashells
& right now Swishie has her winter holiday nail art embellishments on sale!
End wear report: Alas, da SH Great White doesn't wear well either. I had not only tip wear but tip chipping that left noticeable (to me) rough edges on da tips. If you squint closely at my thumb you might see da lil bump on da inside edge wear some of da polish came off, near da end of da candy cane. This kind of thing bugs me to no end! I was almost happy to take this polish off.
Da good news? I was able to remove & clean da lil candy canes after a short acetone soak! I'll be able to use them again cuz polymer clay doesn't get funky from contact with nail polish remover.
We had SNOW last week!
I know this isn't exciting to many of you that get lots of snow where you live,
but we didn't get ANY last year.
Besides...this was Ciri's 1st snow day...
 We got maybe a whole inch. LOL
 Um...Ciri? Where you going? Is cold out here!
 Come on Ziggy! It's not that cold & I gots less fat
& fur than you do, you big pussy.
 Cat nip tastes good frozen too!
Meowy? Can you make me some cat nip ice cream?
 OK, I HAD to get pics of Ciri's 1st snow prints. LOL
 What's that? Who goes there?
 Is just me, your Ziggy pal!
I've met you halfway...can we go in now?

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You only have a week left to get your entries in for one of 5 shopping sprees!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I really like that snow on the deck picture. Thank you for pimping me out ;). Ahhhh what a let down. At least the blue is pretty!

    1. Me too!

      It happens & if I can't be a good example, I'll settle for being a horrible warning. LOL

      Anytime my DPD! Wait til you see what I did with the neon triangles.

  2. HEHEHE My cats wouldn't know what to do if I let them go outside! These are so cool pictures! WIsh I had snow to look at!

    1. Mine don't go out much, but my neighborhood is pretty safe for them so I let them out when the mood takes them.

      You're more likely to see it than I am! LOL We didn't have any stick to the ground last year & who knows if we'll get anymore this year.


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