Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Show & Tell!

Hello Dahlings!

I admit it. I had way too much shopping fun between Black Friday & Cyber Monday...
& at a few other holiday sales being held by various indie vendors.
At least my ho-ing makes for a good Show & Tell!

1st to arrive in my mail box last week was da I Love Nail Polish Holiday Collection
that I pre-ordered on Black Friday.

What? You want to see what's in da lil boxes?

How 'bout these yummies?
Meet Very Ornamental! 
A gorgeous cranberry linear holo that will be perfect
for not only holiday manis, but also year 'round holo fun!

Next is da latest addition to da Ultra Chrome line: Nostalgia.
She's a bit camera shy in da bottle,
but this bad girl is anything but subtle on da nail!
(You'll get to see it up close & personal tomorrow!)

A Fresh Evergreen rounds out this trio of holiday perfection
with medium green linear holo goodness!

All 3 of these lovely polishes are available now!

Next up are da much Antici...Pated
 I only picked up 7 of the 11 scrumptious polishes Kirsten is offering
to celebrate a whole year of valiant varnish vending.
My choices were (in no particular order):

Time Slip
Inside I'm Bleeding
Unconventional Conventionists
There's A Light
(this one is a triple play of polish happiness to be seen here soon!)
Rose Tint My World
Every bottle comes with a lip charm & color coordinated crystal bead.
I made a necklace with a matching pair of earrings with mine.
(Kirsten includes a necklace chain when you order a bunch of polishes in one go.)
And cuz I just can't resist looking around to see
what I might have missed in earlier forays...
You Just Made My List
I added the charms from these last 2 pretties to my star charm necklace with matching earrings. I guess da skills I learned working for a jewelry studio a couple of eons ago are still handy? LOL
But wait! I'm not done yet...
 I made a side trip to Dollish Polish where they have a bunch of polishes, both big & small, on clearance! I love da organza bag these came in, but it's such a day glow bright a neon pink that it not only refused to show it's true color on my camera, it wonked da colors of all da polishes in da pic too! I removed it for da close ups.
 I'll Have What She's Having
 Jelly Of The Month (mini)
 The Pit Of Despair (mini)
California Gurl
A lot of the offerings in da Clearance Bin are already gone, but you won't know which ones until you click on any particular one. Still, it's worth a gander!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. This looks like an AMAZING haul... Black Friday/Cyber Monday/holiday sales are the best!

    1. This is only one part of it...what arrived that week. lol
      Maybe I need to go on a polish buying diet? Nah!


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