Monday, December 2, 2013

My Oh My ~ I Love Nail Polish Birefringence Holo!!!

Hello Dahlings!
Did everybody stuff their face this weekend? I know we did! LOL Mr Inky, Ciri & I headed to my Mom's in Oregon last Wednesday & had some culinary adventures along da way...
Ciri had to navigate from his Paw's lap so we didn't get lost.
First we stopped at Voodoo Donuts in Portland & picked up some serious sugar noms. Bacon Maple bars, Mafia Madness (choco & peanut butter chips & drizzle) & It's a Peach fritters bigger than Mr Inky's paw, a raspberry 'blood' filled voodoo doll & a Triple Chocolate Perversion (choco cake donut, choco frosting covered with Coco Puffs!) I'm eating my peach fritter as I type this & my digits are a wee bit sticky.
Next we headed a few blocks south to Pok Pok & got their famous, finger likin' good Fish Sauce Chicken Wings! The restaurant is Thai & everything is yummy, but these wings are in a category all their own. One of the chefs is from Vietnam & it's his family recipe that is used for these pan fried, fish sauce covered, garlic sprinkled, caramelized sugar taste bud treats. Orgasmic...I kid you not!
If you live in or near Portland or happen to be driving thru P-land on your way to some place owe it to your taste buds to visit Voodoo Donuts & Pok Pok!
(Both places have more than one location, so check the links I included to find da one's nearest to your mouth.)
For our Turkey Day dinner we went to The Pine Tavern in Bend, OR. All 3 of us had da Prime Rib & no kitty bags were needed! Not because da portions were small, they were decent, but because we cleaned our plates. (Mr Inky & I didn't get chubby by accident...we love good food! LOL) So I had done my hair last weekend for da trip & there I am, in a nice conservative restaurant, surrounded by families of adult children & their elderly parents...with my bright pink & purple, blue tipped hair flowing down my back in all of it's My Lil Pony glory. Yeah I got more than a few strange looks, that my mom returned with her hi-beams on! LMBBO Ain't nobody gonna dis my momma's baby! My mom & I are very different peeps, but I have no doubt that she loves me & would put a serious hurt on anybody dumb enuf to hurt my feelings. Personally, I don't care if somebody doesn't like my hair or nails cuz I don't do them for that person...I do them for me!
Mr Inky is amused by it all & my mom thinks it's very very kewl I'm finally showing da world my true colors. I luvs my mommy!
Oh yeah...wanna see da new I love Nail Polish Birefringence Holo?
 2 coats of polish perfection...just like I've come to expect from ILNP!
 It has all the glorious shifting colors of da original Birefringence
with a decent linear rainbow added.
 bright blue, plumy purple, magenta, golden copper...
 ...all with a shift of your fingers!
 A coat of Seche Vite didn't flatten da holo goodness either!
Oooo....sparkly rainbows!
I wore this for FOUR DAYS with NO nail art!
Wanna compare da holo version with da original?
You can see da beauty of Birefringence HERE
Which one do I like better? I love them both!
Wanna see my new hair colors & da matching mani I wore to my mom's?
Stay tuned...
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Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Now I'm all kinds of major sadness!! And jealous!!! I've heard of Voodoo Donuts! Yep, all the way out here in GA, I've heard of them and I've been dying to try them!!! Did you get me one??? Or send me any of those amazing sounding wings??? Not even one crumb???? And I thought we were friends!!

    And if ALL that wasn't enough, I have Birefringe, but not the holo!!!!! Imma gonna go cry :'(

    1. The It's a Peach fritter was in your honor, dahling! lol

      Methinks you'll be going all southern on my big northwest butt when you see the ILNP Holiday collection on my nails this month. LOL Maybe Santa will get you a ILNP pressie?

  2. Memphis mafia is my favorite voodoo! I would love to see more holos on your blog for 2014

    1. That's what it's called! I couldn't remember exactly other than it's nummers. LOL More holos? Can do!

  3. So pretty! In 2014, I'd like to see tutorial, swatches, hauls and kitty to beinvolved? maybe hold kitties paw for a swatch pic?

    1. ILNP does indeed make gorgeous & unique polishes!
      I'll see what I can do. I don't do all swatch posts cuz spending hours painting my nails, taking pics, removing polish, repeat 5 more times just doesn't appeal to me. I do, however, include a base color swatch pic in almost every mani post. I gave up on haul posts cuz I'm such a polish ho that I'd be taking pics at least weekly & doing massive posts that seemed like bragging about my addiction. LOL Ciri is also included in almost every post, but getting him to hold still while I hold his paw & try to take a pic may be more than he'll tolerate...we'll see what happens? Tutorials are on da to do list!

  4. I love the pictures of the kitty. :) I would like to see more nail art. :)

    1. He is a cutie! This post is atypical for me...I rarely wear just one color of polish without nail art. LOL

  5. Beautiful polish and even more beautiful cat, what a well-behaved cat to go in the car! <3

    1. I don't think ILNP has any ugly polishes in their line. LOL Ciri is a good boy! On the way home he got bored & a lil cold, so he climbed back into his kennel, snuggled into his blankie & slept for most of the 6 hour drive.

  6. Seriously? Your cat drives with you in the car? Mine foam at the mouth and poop and pee and whine so I never take them to the vet. So cool that your cat isn't like that!

    1. Yep! He's more dog like than cat like in many ways. lol He grew up with a dog & did a couple of long distance road trip moves before we got him. When he gets bored, he crawls back in his kennel & sleeps. <3

  7. In 2014 I would love to see... tons of polish recs! ;) And maybe a few tutorials :) And I just love the cat pics <3


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