Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Show & Tell ~ Ho-Ho Hauling!

Hello Dahlings!
Early in my blogging days (like a whole year ago lol) I did some haul posts. Alas, I got a bit embarrassed by how much polish I was buying. it felt like I was showing off or something. So I stopped posting about what-all I bought tho' my buying habits didn't change.
Turns out I'm an absolute polish ho!
Then along came the Jingle All The Way Giveaway & my request for an entry that asked y'all to post in da comments what you wanted to see on my blog in 2014. Now I know that 2014 hasn't started yet, but why wait to give y'all what you want. Hauls are one of da many things that have been requested, so I'm willing to give it another try.
I had been doing Does It Stamp? posts on Sunday where I showed y'all what polishes I have that can be used for stamping & show up when stamped over dark colors. I plan on continuing to test polishes & posting da results on Sundays, just not every Sunday cuz I've run low on polishes to test of late. This is mostly due to buying more indies & specialty polishes. Some of the indies might work for stamping, but I'm resisting even testing them cuz to me they're too special to use for stamping tho' I'm willing to use them for da base color. We'll see what happens cuz I've been known to change my mind.
Anywho, da polishes I have for show & tell for you today are 2 sets of indies that arrived by snail in da last week plus a nifty score at a local store.
 Da lovely & oh so tolerant Cherish (I goofed up my order & she fixed it for me.) had a Black Friday BOGO I bought 3 of her very reasonably priced  & yummy polishes & got 3 more for free! Here's what I got & it's ALL Michelle's fault cuz she did a haul & review post you can see HERE that mesmerized me into ordering. She does that a lot. LOL
 Mile Long Margarita
Shot Gun Wedding
 Candy Coated Poison
In Loving Memory
(this one was my tipping point in M's post lol)
Sea Glass
Next up ~ Sally Hansen NEW Sugar Shimmers!
 Mr Inky & I stopped at Fred Meyer's Thursday night for some cat litter (heaven forbid we run out with 5 cats in da house!) & of course I had to meander thru da cosmetics on my way to da cat aisle, just to see if they had anything new. Boy howdy...did they! I hadn't seen these on any blog yet, so & grabbed up all 6 from da display along with a BOGO1/2 off no limit coupon. SCORE! Some of da colors look a wee bit similar to SH's texture polishes from earlier in da year, but where those were mostly a crème finish...these have lil sparklies!
Mint Tint 05
 Work of Tart 04
 Sugar Coated 02
(this one may be a dup for SH Royal Icing)
Berried Under 06
Cinny Sweet 03
Plum Sugar 01
Last, but not least by any means ~ The Lady Varnishes
When Mishka of Accio Lacquer did THIS post, followed by THIS post...I naturally headed straight for The Lady Varnishes Etsy site! DOH! The release of Kirsten's anniversary Rocky Horror Picture Show collection was still a week out. *sadness* So I picked up these pretties to tide me over until I could order da RHPS polishes my Inky paws desired on December 1st.
(I just got notification yesterday that my order has shipped. Squeeeeee!!!)
 All of Kirsten's nifty themed polishes come with a color coordinated charm (da design & metal options can vary by collection, but da star is most commonly offered in silver or copper) plus you can pick a lovely scent (or not) as you desire for your polishes & all bottles arrive in their own lil color coordinated organza bag. If you order enuf polish, she'll include a chain to match your charms so you can make a necklace. I made a necklace & earrings for myself last night cuz this wasn't my 1st order from Kirsten & I've been collecting her silver star charms until I had enuf to go nuts. LOL
I'll show them off in a post at some point.
 Fantastic! (The 9th Doctor)
Mischievous Maid
You Heard About Pluto?
Bad Butler
I got Mischievous Maid & Bad Butler in a B2 deal
that doesn't appear to be available anymore. Neither is Bad Butler...
but you can still call Mischievous Maid yours if you move fast!
All of these will eventually get worn & blogged about in detail.
Really! They're too gorgeous & fun to sit about collecting dust.
I may not show y'all EVERYTHING I buy in these haul posts, but I will show you da really kewl & nifty stuff cuz I'm a great enabler & spender of other peeps moola.
*cheeky grin*
Have you entered da Jingle All The Way Giveaway?
What da heck are you waiting for?
Scroll back up to da top & use da handy dandy link I made just for YOU!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Okay, how's this for funny. Apparently you have not one but TWO Mishkas plying you into buying polish, 'cause my nickname is also Mishka! Muah hah hahhhh you have no chance!!!! We haf you surroundeded!

    I have to go check out those Sally Hansens...And I also just got a few Lady Varnishes, although I'm still working my way through some of her older ones...sigh...

    1. Oh I know! I had written you as Mishka originally, but changed it cuz I didn't want to confuse peeps. I'm well aware of the Mishka Enabling Conspiracy I get in stereo. LOL

      I keep track of what I've shown here & try not to dwell on the reality of my untried pile being way bigger than my tried. LMBBO

  2. ive entered the fab giveaway,,and have everything crossed but my luck sucks, so we'll see!
    i love your blog, and only just found it from the giveaway - but im a fan of kitties and nails - whats not to like!!
    i love tutorials - id love to see lots of those, cos my brain seems to freeze when i try to do something i havent done before, so would really love to see those here!
    Have a great Christmas and New Year, and you have a new fan in me here!!
    Warm wishes

    1. Thanks! Most nail art is easier than one might think at 1st look, but I agree that directions can help a lot. lol

  3. I'm also new to your blog from the giveaway but my eye was immediately caught when I saw RHPS, I think we're going to get along, look forward to seeing your posts xo

    1. You like Hello Kitty too? Yep, we're going to do just fine! <3


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