Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weird Wednesdays ~ Sally Hansen texture Comparison

Hello Dahlings!
You may remember my noting in my haul post on the 8th that one of the new Sally Hansen texture polishes may be a dup for one of the one's they released last summer. Well I had to find out for sure
& have some fun while I was at it!
 This is da final mani in da sink!
Let me 'splain how I got here...
 Da line up: Sally Hansen Royal Icing, Sugar Cloud & Sugar Fix
plus a large dotter.
SH changed da name of da line from Sugar Coat to Sugar Shimmer with this release. Da 1st bunch last spring were all crèmes, da 2nd bunch last summer were mixed with some being crèmes & some having micro glitter, but this 3rd bunch all have micro glitter.
So da change to 'Shimmer' makes sense, even if it wasn't really necessary.
 I have 2 coats of Royal Icing on my ring & index fingers
with Sugar Cloud on my pinky & middle fingers.
I'm calling it...they're dups!
There are very minor differences between them i.e. Royal Icing is da tiniest bit darker, but not enuf to really need both. So if you missed out on Royal Icing last summer,
go ahead & get Sugar Cloud. If you did get hold of RI, you can skip SC.
Both go on thin, but not runny & both need 3-4 coats for opacity or undies. Hmmm...white undies would pop da light blue base color of both polishes, making da color show true. I wonder if pink undies would make the light blue look more lavender? I haven't seen a lavender base with pink micro glitter texture polish yet, have you?
 Me being me, I just couldn't leave my nails plain!
I used da larger ball of da dotting tool to add lumpy, irregular French tips with
da Sugar Fix to cover da VNL & used da small ball end to add falling snow.
This is really easy to do since neatness doesn't really count.
I do have a tip or 2 for newbies:
Clean the dotting tool after each nail or at least every other nail! Polish will build up around da ball & make your dots get larger as more polish accumulates.
Also, less is more! You can easily add a lil more polish to da design if you need to, but removing blobs is a pita & it's best to avoid making them in da 1st place.
 All lubed up & ready to go!
But there something different between the snow in da last pic
& this one?
You bet'cha!
I added Nabi White 09 gitd polish over all of da snow
& flakes using da same method with da dotter.
I wish my camera could focus under black light, but you get the idea.
You'd think at my age I wouldn't be so amused by glowing nail art...
but I am!
I guess it really is never too late to have a happy childhood. LOL
Cirrus will probably always look like a teen kitten cuz he's so small,
but that's ok & we hope he stays kitten playful!
 Why is my tail bothering me? Must bite it & make it behave!
Bappita, bappita, bappita...that'll teach that pesky tail who's da boss!
Time for you to enter da Jingle All The Way Giveaway!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. You are never too old for GITD polishes!!! Thanks for the comparison. I honestly can't tell any difference. I hate when polish companies do that sneaky stuff :(

    1. Oh good! I wouldn't want anybody to think I was a teenager by mistake. LMBBO

      IKR? Do they think we're too dumb to notice? I can understand recycling an old color that has been retired for a few years, but RI only came out last summer! Granted, all the Sugars have been LE, but please...could they at least wait a year!

  2. let it glow, let glow, let glow.......I'm a musical genius

    1. Yes you are! That's so much better than Karma Chameleon running thru' my Inky brain. LOL

  3. ahhhhh don't get that stuck in my head! I have a request SH chromes swatches. They are tempting me on cassies, but I don't know what colours they actually look like.

    1. IKR? That song is insidious. *shudder* Email me a list of what you'd like me to show & tell (along with your b-day wish list, please?). <3

  4. The white is perfect for a snow-like manicure.


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