Friday, December 27, 2013

Sinfully Klean Gleequins!

Hello Dahlings!
I did this mani a couple of weeks ago, but since it's more wintery than Christmasy,
I decided to save it for after da holidays. Here we go...
 Da line up ~ Kleancolor Metallic Aqua & Sinful Colors Ice Dream
 1 coat of Metallic Aqua
(all of the Kleancolor Metallic line can be used for stamping,
tho' you need to give it some extra drying time when you stamp with it
or use it for nail art cuz it's prone to smearing when applying top coat)
 On da left is 2 coats of Ice Dream & on da right is one coat.
3 coats would make this polish a full coverage glitter bomb.
 Round 2 line up ~ Orly Top2Bottom dual base/top coat,
a metal piercing/placement tool
& a jar of silver hexagon gleequins from a set of 12 from Born Pretty Store.
Tho' da price is good, like $7ish for 12 jars in different colors, da quality is iffy. Quite a few were cut off da true so da hexes had 2 perpendicular sides longer than da other 4 sides. There are like a bazzilion bits in each jar, so it's not a big deal, but sorting thru' them for properly cut ones (if I want to do a honeycomb) might get a wee bit tedious. Also, I use this particular polish for attaching bling cuz
1) I have it
2) it sucks as a top coat cuz it dries very thin with a rather dull finish
(I have my own custom blend base coat that I prefer)
& 3) it does a reasonably decent job of holding bling in place
until I can seal it in with Seche Vite.
 I applied 2 coats of Ice Dream on my pinky, middle & index fingers.
I then used the dual tc/bc to attach da gleequins & I placed them randomly using da pointy tool dipped in da clear polish. I didn't try to place them in an interlocking honeycomb pattern (tho' this looks totally kewl when you have the endurance to do so) I just tried to fill da spaces to create a stylized blizzard effect.
I applied one coat of Seche Vite to finish.
 End wear report ~  I had a smidge of tip wear at da corners,
but not bad for one coat.
...I learned that when placing gleequins you don't want them too close to da edge & 2 coats of tc are recommended to secure them. I lost 3 off my right thumb in da first 24 hours, tho' I didn't lose any off da other fingers.
>^. .^<
Yes, I'm that crazy cat lady you've heard about but wasn't sure really existed. LOL
This is one of my across da street neighbor's cats at my back door. Like many a kitty before her, she'd really like to come in for a visit. Peeps have asked why all da neighborhood cats like to hang out in my yard.
Could it be da bowls of water I have out for them?
Or maybe it's da large catnip bush in my back yard?
Mr Inky says it's cuz I'm a cat magnet.
Here's a gardening tip if you'd like to have catnip survive in your yard: when planting your catnip plant, place a 3 ring tomato cage over it so da smallest ring is about 2" off da ground. This will support da plant so it doesn't sprawl all over when top heavy with blooms as well as keep cats from chewing it to da ground then rolling on it. My current plant gets up to 4' high with an 8' spread & I've had it for about 4 years. It gets seriously chewed on every year, but da core of da plant is safe.
You can see a winter pic of it with Ciri in da Monday post from earlier this week.
You only have 5 days left to enter da Jingle All The Way Giveaway!
What da heck are you waiting for?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I would love to see more nail art in 2014

  2. I'd love to see stamping plate reviews in 2014 :)

  3. I really need to get round to doing glequin placements

    1. Yes, you do! It's pretty easy to manage if you only do accent nails.


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