Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Dahlings!

Merry Christmas Dahlings!
With all da festive chaos this week, I'm keeping my posts short & sweet sassy.
Let's get to it so you can go do other stuff too...
 Meowy Christmas!
 Da line up ~ I Love Nail Polish A Fresh Evergreen from their 2013 Holiday Collection
& these adorable Santa Kitty stickers I got from She Sells Seashells
 I started with 2 coats of A Fresh Evergreen.
Like all of da ILNP polishes I've tried so far, this one was like painting my nails with melted butter! I could have gotten away with one coat, but did 2 just in case I missed a spot or something. It's not da strongest holo in my collection, but very lovely none da less. Da only teensy flaw was a tendency to stain a bit, requiring a wee bit more effort in clean up.
These are da rest of da nail art stickers I chose to use
followed by a coat of Seche Vite.
A quick & cute mani for da holidays!
A lil Turkey weekend kitty spam for your holiday viewing pleasure!
 Mickey on da left & his sister Lil Miss on da right,
playing tug o' war 'tween Mr Inky's legs.
 Ciri isn't too sure 'bout joinin' da fun.
 Mickey has no such qualms!
 Lil Miss can't pass on grabbing a moving string
(or Mr Inky's leg) with her claws.
 Maybe these big feets aren't so scary...maybe?
 kick kick kick
 bite bite bite
 more kicking
 more biting
(da boys aren't sure why she's so into Mr Inky's feets)
 Why she chewing on my fav chew's MINE!
Big scary feets conquered at last!
Wouldn't a shopping spree
at a fabulous multi brand on line store
be a great way to start 2014?
You know what you need to do, right?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Who needs feet eh?! Your nails felt right at home in the kitty house!!

    1. Walking around with those 3 literally underfoot made sitting the safer option. LOL

  2. KITTEHS!!! So much kitty wonderfulness here going on here :) I hope you had a fabulous Christmas dear!! <3

  3. That nail polish tone is awesome and what I can say about the stickers?
    I looooove them (yes,I'm a proud cat lady) = ^_^=
    xoxo and happy holidays


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