Sunday, December 22, 2013

Show & Tell Time!

Hello Dahlings!
For this week's Show & Tell
I have a new to me indie brand & an old fav indie brand!
Grab a beverage, kick back & lets get to it...
I just discovered this store & alas, Emily is now on vaca until Jan 1st,
but you can dream & drool over these beauties until then.
 Look how cute she bundles her polish!
Inside each bundle were 2 bubble wrapped bottles.
When I saw da names of these 2, I just had to have them!
(OK, it didn't hurt that they're holos in 2 of my fav colors. lol)
 I'm A Big Fucking Deal!
 Pimp My Purple
 These 2 are from one of my all time fav book series.
Can you guess which one?
 Look at that adorable label!
 Don't Panic
Interstellar Towel
If you're thinking that these 2 look a lot alike, you'd be correct!
Don't Panic is da holo version of Interstellar Towel.
Next up is LynB Designs!
This is one of my earliest indie brands &
Jenna hasn't disappointed me yet with her lovely polishes & creative titles.
I don't know if she could & I'd rather not find out!
 These 3 are singles from various collections.
 Black Dragon Pearl
 Start With The Riding Crop (Baker Street collection)
 Stella (Twitterpated collection)
 These 2 are from the Gemstone collection
& appear to be unavailable at da moment.
 Black Opal
 Spectacular Hematite
 Who doesn't love Dr Suess?
(If you don't, I don't want to hear about it. LOL)
 Everybody Needs a Thneed
 Mutual Weirdness
(I had to have this one just for the name,
but it doesn't hurt that it's purpley!)
 Ah! Nightmare Before fav holiday frolic.
 Nightmare Revisited
 Pumpkin King
 Let's not forget The Princess Bride!
 The Spaniard
 You Are The Brute Squad
 I scored big by ordering when I did between Black Friday & Cyber Monday.
Both of these are Limited Editions & I got them for FREE.
Have you ever seen a grayed lavender holo?
Well you have now,
but if you want a bottle of this unique beauty for your own
you better hustle your tushie over to Jenna's Etsy shop 
cuz it's only available until da end of December 2013.
Frosty Snot
This one was a bonus polish for ordering that weekend.
It's a linear holo topper!
Me thinks another holo topper comparison will be coming your way in 2014.
I had one more LynB in my order o' polish delights to share with y'all,
but it didn't survive traveling across da country in a blizzard & broke.
*sad whiskers*
Lucky for me, Jenna is awesomesauce on toast
& will be sending me a replacement after da holidays!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Great polishes! I'd like to see some swatches!

    1. I include swatch pics of my base color & specialty polishes in my mani posts!

  2. Polish as far as the eyes can see........

    1. Yeah, pretty much. LOL I've mostly been showing just the indies, not everything I've gotten this month. >^o o^< I may have to go on a no buy in January...or at least a low buy. Maybe. If I have to, I guess.

  3. Great colours for christmas and New Year 's eve.. Looking forwart to read all your posts in new 2014 year... Best wishes from me.. !!

  4. I would love to see more of that gorgeous cat in 2014.Love it!


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