Friday, January 10, 2014

I was in a mood for sparklies!

Hello Dahlings!
What can I say? I love me some bling & I was in da mood!
So I pulled out some sparkly scatter holos & went to play...
 Ka Ching Ka Bling!
 Da line up, 2 coats of each ~
Claire's Sun-sation on pinky
This is supposed to be a solar changing polish, but alas, da sun was nowhere to be found while I was wearing this mani. It went on ok, but a regular polish brush in a striping polish bottle make for awkward dipping plus it makes this one a lil pricy for da amount one gets for da price.
(I don't remember what I paid, but it was at least $5, maybe $7 for a minis worth.)
Black Heart Beauty AB Glitter on ring
Now this me likey!
It went on easily & at 2 @ $8 was a good value plus it's a SKULL bottle!
(Yeah, yeah...I know I'm a wee bit on da creepy side. Deal with it. LOL)
Sinful Colors Top Me Off on middle
The best thing about this polish is it's price of $1.99.
It was a lil runny & da glitter was sparse.
Even 3 coats didn't quite hide da VNL, so no commando for this polish!
(Thank You Debbie Crumpet for that lil gem of a phrase! LOL)
While this one needs undies too, it went on like a dream!
I can't help but adore the blue violet color with all it's rainbow sparklies.
Kleancolor Holo Chrome on thumb
This polish was the 1st holo of any kind in my collection.
It's a good quality for the price, if you can overlook the Kleancolor odor.
(I added another coat to my middle & index fingers to cover da VNL
before adding a coat of Seche Vite to cure everything before stamping.)
 I then used Konad Silver stamping polish
& a squishy stamper from Pueen
with Vivid Lacquer plate VL 004 on my pinky...
 ... Vivid Lacquer plate VL002 on the rest of my nails.
 This pic is to prove I really did stamp on my nails
cuz in da next pic you might think I was fibbing if I didn't show proof.
I know Konad plates & polishes are revered cuz Konad invented da beauteous art of stamping on our nails & all, but frankly...I've been underwhelmed by the way their polishes stamp. I got better results using Orly Dazzle on my Meowing in da Rain mani than I did on this one using an 'official' stamping polish. So don't think you have to spend bucks on special polishes cuz there are lots & lots of regular polishes that cost less & work better.
Check out my Does it Stamp? series to find out
what polishes you may already own,
 or can be easily & inexpensively acquired,
that can be used for stamping on your nails.
Which one to I like best?
The Shirley Ann Sea Glass!
It had the best color, tho' not the best bling factor.
Bling factor goes to BHB AB Glitter from Hot Topic.
(Yes, that freaky Goth store in malls everywhere!) 
End wear report ~ No pic but other than some of da glitter
on da edges of my nails coming off, all 5 nails wore very well
for the 2 days I sported this bling fest.
>^. .^<
Where did Frau Meyer go, Meowmy?
Alas, my lil tabby girl has gone to play
in da never ending sunshine with her brothers.
She was a sweet girl & will be missed.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. What a gorgeous and sparkly mani!! You know I can't resist that sparkle!!!! Lol! So pretty! So sorry about your kitty baby :( you've got another little angel watching over you tho!

    1. Thanks! I've got 4 kitty angels under foot now. LOL

  2. Oh ma gawd it's all so sparkly my eyes cant take it! :( poor baby she had a good life with you though.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss...I truly believe some day you'll be together again.


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