Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Quickie ~ Shirley Ann Nails Valentine's Duo!

Hello Dahlings!

As you read yesterday, when da new Valentines Day Duo from Shirley Ann Nails debuted I was already in line at da door to Cherish's Etsy shop.
When they arrived last Friday I put them on that night,
which is practically unheard of behavior coming from yours truly!
Now I'm not what anyone would call a girly girl, but I do believe in romance.
So a set of polishes that are romantic without being girly are wonderful.
So let's see what all da fuss & fury is about...
 Da line up ~ Shirley Ann Icing On My Heart & Forever Yours
(plus da lil zip bag of extra bows not shown here 
that you only get when you order da duo)
 This is 3 coats of Icing On My Heart.
Da 1st coat was a bit streaky, like pearly polishes tend to be,
but da 2nd coat smoothed all that out, tho' it was still quite sheer.
This translucency created a lovely shimmery faux pink & white French tip mani!
I went with 3 coats to lessen da VNL & enhance da golden rose shimmer.
I then added 2 coats of Forever Yours
& made a faux French tip accent on my ring finger 
using 3 of da extra bows held on with a dab of Orly Top2Bottom.
Da fine pink glitter came out in abundance, but I did have to play go fish with da larger glitters after giving da bottle a good shake while upside down. This is pretty normal for chunky glitters cuz to make da suspension base thick enuf to defy gravity would make da polish too thick to apply easily. It's a trade off & I prefer having to fish for big glitters
as opposed to not having them in my polish.
A coat of Seche Vite finished this not hearts & flowers girly mani!
If you order this romantic duo soon,
you'll have them in time to wear on your nails for Valentine's Day!
>^. .^<
 These are a couple of left over Christmas pics of my mom ginger kitten, Mickey.
 Mr Inky found Lil Bub's Magical Yule Log video on YouTube. 
Mickey was fascinated with this jumbo kitty on da TV
& spent several minutes trying to chat with Lil Bub.
Here's Mickey da Ginger Cat 'hiding' in a grocery sack.
At just past 6 month's old, Mickey's hormones were running on high.
This made him rather fussy.
If I came over to pet him, he was fine & purred.
If I picked him up he'd start growling & wiggling to get down.
He even bit my hand one time.
Heck, he even bit my mom when she picked him up
& she's raised him since he was a week old!
We're hoping neutering mellows him out. LOL
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Mickey says "damn you all, i know your going to chop my nads off so im making you feel the pain". oooooo a bow french

    1. He's getting rebellious in his hormonal teenage months & mom lives near a busy street. Da nads gotta go if he wants to go outside. LOL

      Thanks! <3 It's fast, easy & it conserves on bows.


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