Friday, January 17, 2014

Indie Glitter Comparison!

Hello Dahlings!
Are you bored with comparison posts yet? I'm not, even tho' I keep telling myself I need to do something else on my nails, just to avoid falling into a rut. Too late! LOL After all da buying I did last month I had a HUGEish pile of polish to swatch into my lil index books, swatch onto polishicles & enter into my polish data base before I could put them away. (sounds complicated, I know, but it does help me to not buy actual in 2 of the exact same polish color & brand) I had gotten to the point of da data entry & stalled. I finally got my big butt in gear last week & got it all done...& then I had to put away all that polish. This involved some major rearranging, but I found a place for every ding dang bottle! I also couldn't help but notice when I had 2 or more similar polishes from different brands. So I do have quite a few more comparisons for you tho' you'll get a break in February for the Nail Art A Go-Go challenge. I am determined to do all 28 days!!!
But I is your comparison for today:
 I started with 2 coats of Sinful Colors Ardoise.
It's a weird name for a decent dark gray crème polish.
(You really can't go wrong with SC, good polish for da price
& I like weird, so the name is fine.)
 Da line up: all of these are 2 coats and as with most chunky glitters,
dabbing is recommended for good placement of da bits.
It's da holo bomb on my pinky! Da mini I have is chock full o' lg silver holo hexes, stars & bars, lg black circles, lg hot pink hexes & shards in a clear base. I got so much bling from da 1st coat I almost didn't bother with a 2nd coat.
Similar, but different, with lg silver holo circles & hexes, black md circles & sm hexes, hot pink stars & asst sm shapes plus fine silver twinkly bits in a clear base. No prob getting da big bits out of da bottle.
Different Dimension Another Brick In The Wall
(currently out of stock at Llarowe & their Etsy site)
My middle finger has a slightly different mix of da same. Asst hot pink, black & white shapes with sm silver holo bits in a clear base. No fishing required & not much dabbing either.
The Lady Varnishes Mischievous Maid
(not available at da mo)
At 1st glance, you might think this one is just like all da others, but it isn't! Sure it has da same colors of bits, but these bits are SHARDS with some hot pink stars in a clear base with a purple shimmer! I don't know why shards make me squeee!, but they do & having most of my fav colors in one bottle is definitely squeee! worthy!!!
My thumb is almost anti-climactic when compared to da others, but it's just dandy fine in it's own right with lots of hot pink, black & white skinny bars, squares, lil hexes & stars in a clear base. So if you're not into holo or shimmery polishes, but like these colors, This may be the polish for you!
 Ooooooo! Aaaaaaah! Ooooooh!
 I have to say I love them all, but if I had to pick just one to keep...
yeah, it would be The Lady Varnishes Mischievous Maid.
Some time in 2013 I turned into Kristen's polish love slave.
I can live with this. LOL
 Just cuz I can't leave well enuf alone,
I added black & white double line funky French tips using Stripe Rite.
I wasn't drunk at da time, but it sure looks like it!
I know I can do better than this. Blerg.
>^. .^<
 Meowmy, Paw's not sharing again!
 I just want a sniff, maybe a lil nibble...
 ...fine, I'll just pout.
One last try...Please, share your dessert?
You know you can't resist when I do da paw with da begging eyes!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I think I like We're All Mad Here best...and your stripes look fine!!! You're too critical of yourself!!!

    1. I found it hard to pick a fav, but since I own them all I don't really have to choose. LOL Of course I am! I know I can do better & I didn't.


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