Sunday, January 19, 2014

Show & Tell!

Hello Dahlings!
This week I have a new fav indie, a new-to-me indie
& some new stamping plates!
I'm excited by all of them & can't wait to share my finds...
I only recently discovered this indie brand & it is quickly becoming a fav! The owner, Cherish, is a clever doll & oh so sweet. Just last Sunday Over The Top Coat featured SAN's newest polishes for Valentine's Day that were due to be released on Monday. I didn't see this post til Monday. Well I had to go check that out ASAP! Then I had to wait for Cherish to get home & add them to her Etsy site. I have SUCH a wait problem! LOL
I got da VD duo & a couple of others off my wish list. Cherish shipped da lot da next day & I got them on Friday where I promptly put da duo on my nails.
You can see that mani here tomorrow.
Oh? You want to see da loot? (all polishicles show 2 coats w/o tc)
 Da Valentine's Day Duo & extra lil bows that come with da duo plus Halloween & Christmas polishes that I wanted for next year.
 Forever Yours is da glitter topper of da duo.
It's jam packed with fine pink bits, lots of medium white hexes & circles, metallic red & hot pink circles plus pastel pink BOWS. Da large glitters like to play hide & seek in da bottom of da bottle & do need a good shaking with some fishing to get them to come out & play, but they're worth it.
 Icing On My Heart
IOMH makes a good pair of undies for Forever Yours, but it can also be worn alone for a soft feminine look or as a base for nail art. It's milky white with a golden rose shift. It is also bit sheer, but this created a lovely faux pink & white mani on my nails.
 Witches Brew
I wish I'd clued into this polish in October! With it's assortment of lg dark orange hexes, sm bright orange hexes, md purple hexes, black diamonds & white squares in a clear's like Halloween Lucky Charms for your nails! No fishing required & lil to no dabbing either. I may not wait until next Halloween to wear this fun bomb!
Rudolph Ralphed
This is another polish Michelle enabled me to buy. She did it with THIS POST.
How could I pass up a polish with this name plus a perfect season of chaos assortment of shiny red, gold & green in multitudes of shape & size?
I swear that woman gets me into all kinds of polish lemming obsessions
& I luvs her for it! 
I have seen this brand on several blogs, but just didn't get around to visiting until last month, right before Christmas. There wasn't much to see as Esther wasn't going to add new stuff til da new year. I ordered anyway. Then da holidays came & then a bunch of blizzards went thru Philly & my lil order got delayed. Esther was about to send out another box, but held off when I said let's give it another week.
Sure enuf, a few days later my goodies arrived safe & sound!
(Da moral of this story is: if da roads, tracks & airports are all closed,
ain't nothing going nowhere fast!)
 Lookee at da CUTE packaging!
 Lookee at da pretty polishes!
(& da stray white cat hair thanks to Ciri)
 It's Always Sunny is a linear holo top coat.
Nun Gobble Hay Shin
I'm not Jewish,
but I can certainly appreciate a polish this jam packed
with blue & silver glitter!
There are both light & dark blue bits along with white
& silver bits in this clear base topper.
My Gals on Amazon
I can admit it...I really like Hello Kitty.
I've always liked Hello Kitty.
I will likely always like Hello Kitty, even when I'm old, wrinkled & gray.
(Oh wait, I'm all that now!) 
So when I saw this set of 20 mostly Hello Kitty themed nail art plates for $17.99 w/FREE shipping on Amazon...well, you know what happened. There are quite a few dup images in this set when compared to other sets from other sources, especially with QA octagon plates, but when I compared them side by side, da images in this set were slightly larger so not exact dups. You can get these plates in singles for $4.99 each, but da 20 PCS Hello Kitty set is worth da dupage if you like 4 or more of these plates. Da images that aren't HK are mostly kitties as well as several cute critters & some asst accessory images.
These plates are not backed with anything & da edges are a bit rough,
so please be careful when handling them.
I'm going to stick mine back to back with strong tape to cover those sharp edges.
Is that Chococat I see on YH-01?
That alone make this set worth da price to me!
Oh yeah! I'm gonna be having some fun now!
That's it for this week!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Brilliant reviews! Lovely to see the polishes layered over both black & white. That holo topper looks verrry interesting! Look forward to seeing what you do with those plates x x x

    1. Thank you dahling! If a polish is really sheer & likely to look different over black vs white or is a glitter with white bits, I prefer to swatch them over the 2 color polishicles. I also use them for crackles to see if they're opaque.

  2. So...many...cute...kittehs...must...resist...must...resist...aaaarrrrggggggggggghhhh....

    1. Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha! Feel the pull to own this set of plates...only $17.99 & FREE shipping. What kind of polish pal would I be if I didn't return the favor? LMBBO

  3. Do you know if she sells the bow glitter on its own? KITTTTTIES! Yeh so I had my first slicing from a plate last week.

    1. As far as I know, the extra bows are only available when you buy the duo.

      Ouch! Talk about uber paper cuts! #8(


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