Sunday, January 26, 2014

Show & Tell!

Hello Dahlings!
In spite of my best intentions to go on a low buy this month,
I just couldn't help myself when I discovered several new-to-me indies.
Pathetic, I know.
No will power to speak of when if comes to resisting yummy polishes.
*le sigh*
What's an Inky to do? Show off her new pretties, that's what!
(all polishicles have 2 coats)
I honestly can't remember where I saw this brand, but I'm glad I did!
Candi has a nice assortment of finishes to suit both fandom polish collectors
& those just into nifty lacquers.
 Here's da loot! I ordered the 5 minis @ $18 deal
I got 2 of one of these lil bottles,
but I can't say which one cuz it's a surprise for somebody.
When it got returned to Candi cuz of an ooops on da label,
she let me pick a freebie to make up for the delay. 
Isn't that sweet!
 Fright Night is a somewhat sheer purple jelly
with lil black string bars & shards.
 Hocus Pocus should be a luminous purple jelly, but alas,
my bottle needs da beejeebers shaken out of it
cuz some of da pigment didn't quite dissolve all da way.
It's fixable, but I didn't want to make you wait to see it. 
 Aguamenti is assorted sizes of aqua holo bits in a clear base.
 White Christmas has white snow flakes & assorted size hexes in a clear base.
I can see me wearing this over all kinds of wintery colors!
 Ugly Sweater Party is my freebie...look at all those red & green bits!
Plus as a bonus when ordering this polish, you get theses...
Lil trees & snowmen to add to your ugly sweater manis!
Another new-to-me polish,
but I remember where I got hooked...Kerruticles
When I saw Claire sporting a thermal polish
with da bling built in...I was all over that!
 I picked up 2 full size & 2 minis at this mother & daughter run shop.
Their full size are the standard 15ml, but their minis are whopping 9ml.
That's almost twice da size of most minis!
 Tease Me is a pink to purple shifting duo chrome with sparklies.
It was still rather sheer at 2 coats & da listing recommends wearing
this one over black to get da best effect.
 (I guess I should have swatched it on a black/white polishicles,
but I didn't look this info up until I was typing this. Blerg.)
 Grape Intentions is what Claire was wearing
that made me say 'Ooooooooo!' out loud!
When cold it's a lovely bright purple with lots of small purple hexes,
medium hot pink holo hexes & lots of lil holo bits. Get it warm...
 ...and it turns pink!
(stay tuned cuz I'm sporting this right now & posting it tomorrow!)
 Blurple is my least favorite word for a color,
but I really really like this neon-ish topper!
In da bottle da base looks very blue violet,
but it's actually quite sheer & will easily go over any base color.
Waz Up Girl is another sparkly duo chrome,
but this bright baby shifts pink-orange-gold!
Also quite sheer on it's own, it craves black undies.
Polish Me Silly also has other color combos of thermal polish
as well as multi chromes worth checking out.
Yeah, yeah, we all know what a Ho I am for Kristen's polishes.
I can easily lay all blame on Accio Lacquer for her fab pics
& witty repartee. This time it was TLV's January Villain of the Month
& da promo mini that required buying da villain
& 3 other full size bottles to get it. 
(da hardest part was limiting my Ho-ing self to 4 bottles lol)
 I just love to tease y'all with da adorable bags
that all of Kristen's yummy bombs wear for their journey.
 Of course all of da full size bottles come with
her trademark star charm & matching crystals.
 The Immortal decided to hide all it's white flakie
& sparkly goodness from my camera. Bad word.
It's a lovely darkish grayed lavender that looks so pretty in person.
I can only hope it gets over it's shyness
when I decide to put it on & take pics for a post.
 Blue Steel is a blackened blue base filled with many tints
& shades of blue.
You can see a much better swatch at Lacquer or Leaver Her!
 Pain & Panic is da promo mini I just had to have!
Lookee at all that magenta & teal glitter goodness!
 Lord of the Dead is da villain in all this!
Medium dark gray with steel & black two size hexes
plus a sexy copper, blue & green shimmer of micro glitter
that must be hiding with The Immortals shimmery bits.
A more purply grayed lavender is da base for lots of blue
& purple shimmer in Forgetfulness Potion. Really...I promise!
Forgetfulness Potion must be why my pic skills have gone walk-a-bout! Cuz I certainly forgot how to take decent pics when I was doing this set of gorgeous polishes that almost, but not quite completely don't look anything like they do in real life in these pics.
Don't YOU forget to zap yourself over to TLV pronto to pick up
Lord of the Dead plus Pain & Panic
before January 31st or you'll miss out on these fun LE lacquers!
Now for something completely different...
This buy I can pretty much lay at da dainty footsies of my prime enabler:
Michelle & all her posts on Mo You plates where she either gives you a tour of a plate or shows how to stamp with some of da full plate images & most recently shows da dif in sizing between da regular size images & da XL versions. All good info that will have you flying to buy some for yourself.
Trust me, she's very good at making me want what she's showing! LMBBO
I have resisted getting these lil works of art why? I have no idea!
I don't think I got any of da plates Michelle has shown,
but when I got browsing da Mo You plates at Amazon...
well I narrowed it down to 5 for my 1st buy.
 Suki Collection - 07 is a full plate image featuring an Asian style dragon
& a pretty girl as its primary images.
 Artist Collection - 06 features comic book style art in a full plate scene
with aliens coming down to ruin da hero & his damsel's day.
 Sailor Collection - 05 has 12 XL full nail designs in several art styles.
Great for water themed manis but also useful for general nail art.
 Rebel Collection - 03 is packed with 32 assorted images,
including a bottle of Coca Cola & a Campbell's soup can.
Wham! Bang! Pow! plus Marilyn Monroe make this plate
ding dang near a necessity for pop art fans!
The Pro Collection - 10 has 18 modern & pop art images.
I do wonder what kind of 'Pro' the pin up girl style female
on da front of da sleeve for this plate really is?
Just saying, she don't look like she's from da steno pool, ya' know?
Anywho, that's all for this week!
OK, not really, but I know you probably have other things
to do today beside sitting there with your butt going numb
while you read my blog.
Show & Tell is go outside & play or something!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. That's some haul! You always make me laugh x x


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