Sunday, January 12, 2014

Show & Tell!

Hello Dahlings!
I have more of my plate & polish Ho-ing to share with you today! This post is rather pic heavy, so go potty, grab a beverage & dress comfy. I'll wait...
Back so soon? You're fast!
I've got my new Hello Kitty jammie pants on (Amazon Rocks!),
my coffee next to me & my bladder is empty for lets get to it!
I fell in lacquer lust with da names this brand uses f
or its products da 1st time I read about them a few months ago.
I just didn't order right away.
Well, I have now & I'm glad I did!
There isn't much to see there right now (like 4 polishes),
but I know some good stuff will be available soon
& with names pretty much guaranteed to make me chuckle.
 Bitchcicle & Attention Whore
 Bitchcicle is a wintery topper with assorted iridescent bits, fine turquoise,
teal & gold glitter plus a few random larger matte white bits in a clear base
Attention Whore is a hot pink foil with a golden linear holo.
 This pair are a LE collaboration set PBP did with Avant Garde in support of something.
I don't remember what & da info is no longer on PBP's site,
neither are da polishes & I can't find Avant Garde's site if they have one.
 Blue Balls is a frosty light blue with a golden shimmer
that decided to hide from da camera
Snowballed is a topper with matte white snowflakes
& asst bits with iridescent rainbow-y bits for bling factor.
(I left da snowflakes in da bottle to use on my nails.)
Da theory is that you wear this one over Blue Balls for a nifty winter mani.
How could I pass up a base/top coat duo called Cock & Balls?
(Cock is da clear top coat & Balls is da milky base coat)
Really? How could I? Obviously I couldn't.
I haven't tried these yet cuz I'm a love slave to my custom base coat 
& Seche Vite, but I'll let you know when I do.
And now for something almost but not quite completely different...
A NEW brand of nail art plates available at Amazon!!! (and da crowd goes WILD!!!)
I've spent way too many hours exploring & comparing nail art products on that site & I squee'd when I found something I hadn't seen before at Amazon or on ANY blog. I don't have much info on CICI & SISI, but when I saw these 2 sets at $29.99 each...
I had to have them both.
Keep scrolling to see why!
 This is da way set 1 is packaged. Da white plate storage book has 10 vinyl pages for holding 5.75" x 3.75" stamping plates (think Bunny Nails & FabURnails plate size) plus a stamper & scraper. (more on those later) All da plates in these sets are on a thick backing board similar to what da jumbo Cheeky plates are on.
plate 01
 plate 02
 plate 03
 plate 04
 plate 05
 plate 06
 Set 2 comes da same way as Set 1,
just with a pink storage book & plates backing.
 plate 07
 plate 08
 plate 09
 plate 10
 plate 11
 plate 12
Did you notice that there aren't any leopard or tiger/zebra designs? LOL
All of da plates & sets I have contain at least some unique to that brand designs, but there's so much duplication of da actual images in stamping plates that I've passed on several sets cuz I already had most of da images on other plates I owned. I was thrilled to discover a brand of plates that is actually unique! Granted, there are certain themes that all plate manufacturers include like holidays etc, but C&S included those & used their own art, not images & patterns I've seen too many times already.
Da full nail images are 3/4" x 5/8". Not huge, but bigger than Konad.
A usable size for most, unless you have gorgeous monster claws.
 Each set came with 2 sheets of bonus stickers too.
Lots of mani fun to be found here!
 Both sets also came with a lil stamper & scraper set. Da scraper is metal edged (bleh) but da stamper head is uber squishy! It's very silicone silky feeling & more squishy than da Vivid or Pueen stampers. Both of those stamp very well indeed! I'm looking forward to testing this new one out...'cept for one thing, that short handle.
My hands don't like to grip lil things like this. But I have an idea...
Da C&S stamper head is da same size as da head on da Mash stamper & I like da Mash handle even tho da head doesn't stamp as well as da squishy models. So I will give da heads da switcher-roo & see how that works out for me too.
Also in my mail this past week from Amazon...
Mash plates 51-75
You can see a video tour & review at Lacquer or Leaver Her! 
Winstonia 1st Generation set has 20 plates
For a video tour & review, go visit SoGuessWhat 
Winstonia 2nd Generation set has 22 plates
For a video tour & review, go visit SoGuessWhat again.
All these sets appear to be well etched & come with protective blue sticky film on da front & da lil plates have a backing with their logo. You do need to peel this off before using your stamping plates & please be careful! Da edges of stamping plates that aren't on a board can be sharp, even with da logo backing. I was trying to clean some adhesive goobers off da back of some QA plates last week & cut myself. (I had tried to back them myself but it didn't work) I ended up sticking 2 plates back to back so they don't stick inside da page pockets & you know what? This works pretty well for covering those sharp edges! I used really sticky industrial double sided tape to stick a plate I like to a plate I don't so when in da pockets I see da images I like & don't miss da others. 
Why did I link you to video tours instead of doing them myself? I only have so much time & energy in each day. These lovely ladies have taken da time to do a good job of showing these plates & I'm willing to give them credit for enabling me by send you to visit them.
That's it for this week's Show & Tell!
Methinks me needs to go stamp something...
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I spot a dinsosaur!!! those bottoms are the bomb. yay for being nosey

    1. Yes, you do see a dinosaur plate!
      My HK jammie pants are uber soft & comfy!

  2. Holy moly!!! I must find those new plates right away!!! Enabler!!!! (and thanks for the shout out. :) )

    1. Yes, you must! I know I am & so are you.
      You're welcome cuz I always try to give credit & lay blame where its deserved. LOL


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