Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Not So Quickie ~ For My Swishie!

Hello Dahlings!
By request, I have a comparison for you today. My Dahling Polish Daughter, Swishie, wanted to know what some Sally Hansen Chromes (available from Cassie's Cosmetics)looked like. How could I say no to my DPD? I couldn't, so here you have it...
 This is da final result!
How did I get from nekkid nails to this?
Read on...
 Da Line up: Sally Hansen Chromes in Baby Blue Crystal 61, Sapphire 21, Aqua 06, Aquamarine 13 plus da bit of sponge I used & da Vivid Lacquer XL Squishy Stamper & Scraper.
 This is 2 coats of Baby Blue Crystal.
It's so pale a blue that it often looks white on the nail, but it goes well with other blues & makes a good base color for nail art. All of the Crystal Chromes are like this, super pale pastels. Yes, it looks like a streaky hot mess & chromes are notorious for this difficulty in applying them well. If I had gone slowly & with care for the 2nd coat, the streaks wouldn't stand out so much, but since I knew I'd be doing stuff over it, I didn't pet the sweaty stuff.
 I took a lil piece (1/4" x 1/2" x 5/8") of sponge in my reverse grip tweezers
& painted the 3 lighter colors on it then applied a gradient to all my nails.
The Sapphire & Aquamarine are almost, but not quite dups.
Sapphire (in the middle) is slightly lighter.
 I used da 2 wave images from Vivid Lacquer plate 023...
 ...and using Aquamarine & da XL squishy stamper, I STAMPED ON MY NAILS!
(I am SO impressed with myself! LMBBO)
 Here's a close up of my thumb so you can see what I did.
Aquamarine isn't much darker than Aqua.
 I had to add a Mermaid from She Sells Seashells!
These lil ladies are showing their gold side at Swishie's store, but I flipped mine over to show da copper back cuz I like copper & blue together. I used a drop of Orly Top2Bottom to adhere it & here's a tip: press da embellishment around a pencil or large cuticle stick to make it curve to fit your nail & make doubly sure you don't bend da tail fins up!
I snagged those lil bits while sticking them down & after 2 coats of Seche Vite failed to cover those sharp lil points, I had to work overtime to get them to lie flat again. 
I placed another tiny drop of T2B under da fins then used da pointy end of a cuticle stick to roll over da sticky up bits until they behaved, then gave them another layer of tc. That did da trick, but paying attention in da 1st place would have saved me some time.
(If I can't be a good example, I'll settle for being a horrible warning! LOL)
Results of da comparison?
Baby Blue Crystal stands alone, but da other 3 are so close that it may not matter to you which one you pick unless you're like me & have to ho dem all!
Da 3 darker colors would make a nice gradient together...
>^. .^<
Why your eyeballs all fuzzy, Meowmy?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Oh my those nails are fabulous!!! Can I showcase them on shops social media site?
    YAY for stamping on your nail *gold star for you*. Seriously though I'm loving them. The chromes look so pretty gradiented....yes thats a word now. I MUST GRADIENT MINE NOW! & thanking you's for the pimpage your the best.

    1. Thank you Dahling! I'm glad you like them so much since I did them for you. LOL Yes, would you like me to email you the pic of the finished mani?
      Of course! <3

  2. Your nails look amazing inky!!! I'm so proud of you for stamping and let me say yous stamp like a pro!!! Beautiful lady!! <3

    1. Thank you Dahling Miss K! Having the right tools does wonders for one's results. LOL


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