Sunday, January 5, 2014

Show & Tell!

Hello Dahlings!

I think this will be the next to last Turkey Day weekend shopping frenzy
Show & Tells. I have other stuff that will be arriving to show y'all
plus Does It Stamp? will return. On to da goodies...

It's all Michelle at Lacquer or Leave Her!'s fault! I was happy enuf with the nail art stamping plates I had...then she had to go & make video reviews with tours of her new plates! When she showed plates HD-C & HD-D I found myself b-lining it for Bunny Nails & ended up with plates HD-A, B, C & D. Then she did another video review of plates HD-E & HD-F in December & you guessed it...

 plate HD - E

 plate HD - F

Both now live with me now.
Tho I really like da lil tree lights from Vivid plate VL 007
that I used for my gitd holiday lights mani,
da string of lights on HD - F would have been much easier to color in.

This order was Debbie at The Crumpet's fault. There I was just innocently blog hopping & she had to go & do a whole post on her fav 2013 polishes from Literary Lacquers with droolicious pics that had me heading in Amy's direction where I promptly placed an order. As a sweet side tale: Not long after I placed my order I got a massage from her letting me know that getting notification that my order was waiting for her made her while she was waiting to see the dentist. Talk about a win/win! I got great polishes AND got to cheer somebody up at the same time. Me likey!

Me also likey how Amy wraps her bottles for safe transit!
Like getting special treasures in da mail.
Here they are all in a row awaiting their close up swatches...
 Gray Cat/Gray Fence
 I'm Drinking Stars
 If It Pleases You
 Laters, Baby
 Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
 Raspberry Cordial?
Sidewalk's End
Anybody else having a hologasm?
One might think Kristin might be getting tired
of seeing my name come up in her order queue,
but I doubt it. LOL It's really Mishka at Accio Lacquer's fault!
If she didn't do such fun to read reviews with great pics,
I don't think I'd be this into indies.
These are the 5 polishes from the recently
released The Raven collection that I wanted.
 Bleak December
 Ebony Bird
 Midnight Dreary
 Nothing More
Radiant Maiden
All of these have holo glitz in them, t
ho my camera didn't want to see it well.
Dang! Which one to wear 1st?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. The teal and pink literary lacquers are gorgeous! Can't wait to see them on!

  2. I want!!! I want them all!!! You are such a bad influence on me!

    1. Maybe, but I kept you from becoming a Southern Fried Popsicle, so I'm not completely of me are missing! LOL


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