Friday, January 31, 2014

New Hair & Nails to Match!

Hello Dahlings!
This is my last 'normal' mani post for awhile. 28 days to be exact! Tomorrow I start da Nail Art A Go Go Challenge & other than double posting the challenge with Sunday Show & Tell I'm not likely to have time to do my usual blog stuff.
Da last time I did my hair was da weekend before Turkey Day. I used Color Jam Party Pink over what was left of the blue from September & some pink/purple left over from my summer My Lil Pony hair. This time I used Color Jam Kamikaze Pink. It's a gorgeous fuchsia in da bottle, but it usually turns out a much lighter pink in my hair, even with bleaching. I hoped it would turn out more like da bottle color by putting it over the old pink & would turn da old blue purple. I've really enjoyed having blue tips on my fringes da past year, but wanted to do something different for at least a couple of months. So after bleaching my fringe grow out I dyed my hair...
I finally got this particular color to turn out close to da bottle color!!!
 My old blue did indeed turn purple.
 So I went with nails to co-ordinate with da purple hair.
This is 2 coats of LynB Designs I'm Your Huckleberry.
It's a lovely dark lavender crème.
(more about this polish in this Sunday's Show & Tell)
 I used IYHB as undies for The Devil Wears Polish Fun House.
This is 2 coats of yummy purple jelly with lil white & medium metallic
dark pink hexes with skull & crossbones glitters.
Yeah, I did have to go fishing for da skullies, but they're worth it!
(more about this polish on Sunday too)
 I wanted a lil bling so I got out my linear holo toppers to compare them.
(I told you I would!)
I added 1 coat of holo topper to each nail
 Pinky ~ Born Pretty Store 1
This one worked well over bright blue,
but it silvered the dark purple more than I liked
ring ~ I Love Nail Polish My Private Rainbow (L)
This one is still subtle at one coat,
but a 2nd coat upped da effect without silvering da color.
middle ~ Philly Loves Lacquer It's Always Sunny
This one is new & while it showed a pretty strong rainbow,
it also silvered da base color a lot.
index ~ LynB Designs Frosty Snot
I LOVE this holo topper!
It shows a strong rainbow without altering da base color.
I have got to see about talking Jenna into making this
holo awesomeness a permanent addition to her line!
 Da winner today & still reigning champ of da holo toppers
...Frosty Snot!
>^. .^<
Meowmy, please don't turn my pretty white fur funny colors, K?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Loving the hair!!!!!!!!! I cant get over how small ciri is still.

  2. Thanks! <3 Yep, he's a little man cat & going to stay that way. He doesn't let it stop him from being in charge. LOL


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