Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nail Art A Go Go Challenge! ~ Day 1 Achromatic

 Hello Dahlings!

Da 1st month long daily challenge for yours truly is a doozy for sure! I'd looked at other daily nail art challenges in da past, but most of da prompts just didn't do anything for me...too pedestrian for me to invest that much energy & time into. No disrespect intended for da lovely ladies who host these challenges, they just weren't for me. When I do a challenge I want to be CHALLENGED!

When I saw this prompt list devised by
da most magnificent Missy Gnarly Gnails
...well I dang near wet me knickers.

I started by listing all the prompts by date then spending mucho minutes on Wikipedia making sure I knew what each term meant as well as looking up examples of da art styles so I'd know what I was doing. I copy/pasted ideas & jotted down notes. As I started doing manis, I included polish & technique info. Yes, I really am this anally organized! But it does help me keep track of stuff & have a clue.
On to da nails!

 I couldn't decide what design to do for my black & white nails I did them all!

I used Nabi's Hologram polishes in Silver & Black plus asst tools.
(see below)

pinky ~ skinny stripes
ring ~ double dots
middle ~ gradient
index ~ leopard
thumb ~ chevrons

 This is 2 coats of Nabi Hologram Silver.
It was a wee bit patchy on da 1st coat,
but by not over stroking da 2nd coat,
I got it to smooth out.
These aren't da strongest linear holos by any means
(a notch above CG's 2013 release),
but they are pretty cheap in da full set on amazon
& do da job.

From da top ~
Essence skinny striper (used for pinky)
largest dotter (used for ring)
Essence fan brush (used on middle to do the gradient)
smallest dotter (used on index)
chevron French tip sticker forms

>^. .^<

All dis shiny paper...what to pounce on 1st!

Thanks for stopping by
& please go visit all da uber talented ladies
participating in this challenge!
~ Inky


  1. Love this - especially the chevrons. Glad to read that I'm not the only one that's hyper-organised; I keep a spreadsheet of info too when I'm doing a challenge with ideas, colours and techniques all listed.

    1. Thanks! Those sticker forms are great for stripes as well as French tips.

      I spread sheet my polish collection, but I didn't quite go that far for this. LOL

  2. i love it! im like that too, cant decide? do em all!

  3. So pretty! I'm glad you did all the designs cos they look amazing together :)


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