Sunday, February 16, 2014

Show & Tell!

Hello Dahlings!

Just a few odds & ends from some of my fav vendors...

What was I supposed to do when Barbra sent me a 25% off coupon
cuz I hadn't ordered since Black Friday?
Go shopping, of course!
I mostly went for polishes that were listed as limited #s left,
so some of these may be gone now,
but there's still lots of good stuff available
plus the new Spring 2014 polishes are on pre-order right now!
(you save a $1 per bottle when you order pre-order polishes)

 Grape Taffy
a lovely springy blue lavender crème.

You're My Blue Boy
a light blue linear holo
Look at that rainbow!
Amanda Hugginkiss
a plumy purple linear holo
Princess Diaries
an almost Barbie pink linear holo
Bottle Service
This is an odd one to describe cuz it isn't white or nude or silver,
but rather a lil bit of all of the above.

She Surfs
small aqua hexes & bits with medium pink rectangles
Sugar Blossom
all sizes of matte & metallic hexes
in light blue, purple, light pink, aqua
Cheshire Blues
small lavender hexes, medium purple hexes
& larger light blue hexes
Berry Sweet
asst shapes & sizes of fuchsia & purple bits
Pinky Ring
asst shapes of pink holo
very blingy!
My most Dahling Polish Daughter added new fantabulous
nail art bling to her online shop recently, so of course,
Momma had to go shopping!
(free international shipping when you order 25+ BPS!)
 silver/copper anchors, gold/silver peacock feathers
& silver/copper birdy cages
 brass locks. crowns & smiley faces
 pink/green cabochons, silver cross hatch holo circle studs
& silver spike studs
 silver mustaches, silver/gold brontosaurus (DINOSAURS!)
& silver star studs
Oh yeah, Momma gonna be having some fun now!
This link goes to Kristin's Big Cartel Store, not her Etsy shop.
She has some polishes listed on both sites,
but she also has polishes that are only available at one or da other.
These are only at da Big Cartel site. 
blue lavender base with bits of lil black & a blue shimmer
a light gray with several shades of blue bits
 Boring Biggs
gray base with silvery gray bits
You really can't go wrong with any of these polishes or bling!
I keep buying from them cuz they sell good stuff. <3 font="">
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. 25% OFF ILNP!?!?! Oh you lucky lady!

    1. IKR?!? Other than the pre-sale discount, I don't think they do sales.
      I guess being a polish ho has it's benefits. LOL


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