Monday, February 10, 2014

Nail Art A Go Go Challenge! ~ Day 10 Night Sky

Hello Dahlings!
I'm supposed to have done a Night Sky mani for today & while I sort of did this, it's more of a fantasy mani than reality. If I'd gone for what our night skies usually look like around here all you'd get would be shades of dark gray & black sponged to look like clouds.
Not very interesting. LOL
Some day I would like to see the Aurora Borealis...
It's not da worst mani I've ever done.
Da line up ~ Sally Hansen Slick Black, Interference green, blue,
purple & red frankens plus Nubar White Polka Dots
Gah! 2 coats of Slick Black did NOT want to dry
& I kept dinging it while working on my geek nails.
When SB was finally dry,
I added a coat of White Polka Dots to be my stars & planets.
This worked out pretty well.
I then took a long, skinny piece of sponge
& dabbed on my ghostly frankens followed by a coat of Seche Vite.
I made these ages ago, but still think they're fun for adding a bit of shimmery color over black or other dark polishes. The interference pigments are from Pearl Ex & can be found in craft stores. I added a lil of da powder to a cheap bottle of clear. Normally when I add pigment to polish it dissolves pretty well, but these don't want to stay mixed, so need serious bejeeber shaking when I want to use them. The joys of DIY! LOL
Tomorrow's adventure ~ Wallpaper
>^. .^<
Meet my girls!
Daughter Jazz is on da left & Momma Luna is on da right.
Luna is smaller than her son Ziggy,
but not by much & she's much chunkier than he is.
Jazz was da only girl in da litter of 5 that Luna had 
& she has da most white on her
with a triangle on her upper chest that you can see here,
a check mark on her lower chest & a cow patch on her belly.
Both are very sweet & love to cuddle when they aren't eating.
Thanks for stopping by & please go visit da other ladies!
~ Inky

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