Friday, February 14, 2014

Nail Art A Go Go Challenge! ~ Day 14 Sweets

Hello Dahlings!
Got your night o' romance all planned out?
Mr Inky & I will likely just stay home, eat leftovers
& watch a movie where something blows up.
Just another night in da cat cave. LOL
Don't forget to check out I Love Nail Polish's
Spring Collection pre-order today!
They have new holos & ultra chromes for our drooling pleasure!
So go show ILNP & yourself some love!!!
Oh yeah, NAGGC...
Today's prompt is Sweets.
I love chocolate.
Mr Inky loves it even more than I do.
So I had to do something that looks tasty...
 Ruby Kisses Chocolate Romance with candy sprinkle ombre French tips!
Sugar free & guaranteed to not add inches to your hips. LOL
I have to say...da fish eggs drove me nuts!
I've worn them before & did fine with them,
but this time they were glued on thick
& da color rubbed off with just skin oil.
Another challenge mani I'm glad I only wore one day.
Tomorrow ~ Round & Square
>^. .^<
Oh noes! Ciri fell he broken?
What? I was napping you silly Meowmy.
Thanks for stopping by!
Have you visited da other challengers today?
Why da heck not!?! Get hopping!

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