Sunday, February 9, 2014

Birthday Show & Tell!

Hello Dahlings!

My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but my posting schedule is whacked enuf this month & I've already gotten some way nifty wicked cool gifts, so I'm showing you now.
Mr Inky's Business Trip Suck Up Gift
aka 'I thought of you while I was gone cuz you were right about da weather.'
In late January, Mr Inky had to go to Nashville, KY for business. I recommended he take a coat & maybe even gloves with him cuz it was supposed to be rather cold while he was there. In his infinite male wisdom, he didn't listen to me & found out his ample insulation was not up to keeping him warm in 5 degrees. Really? Nah!
Men are never wrong about...anything. LMBBO.
So he came home with a lil bucket of White Trash nibbles & this... does this gift rank on da 'Hubby Did It Right' check list?
 Purple nail polish...CHECK!
Lavender scented body scrub & butter...CHECK!
Purple glass nail file...CHECK!
Yeah, I'll keep him around a few more decades.
I have him nicely trained
& wouldn't want to start over with somebody else.
(I love that man to distraction & he is PERFECT for me!)
No Miss Las Olas Lilly
Birthday Goodies from My Dahling Polish Daughter!
Swishie & I met on Twitter in 2012. It didn't take long for us to realize how many idiosyncrasies we shared. Da kind of weirdness usually shared in families, not between strangers on opposite sides of da planet. So we declared ourselves polish mom & daughter. We chat thru emails mostly these days & we have fun sending each other birthday gifts. This year she shopped for my goodies at Color4Nails & found some perfect polishes for her polish momma! When they arrived I asked her if I should wait until my actual b-day & she screamed all da way from da UK "HECK NO! OPEN THEM NOW!!!'
 Pinks & purples galore!
Plus I didn't have any of these brands...SCORE!
 Liquid Sky Lacquers Fuchsia Illusion
Fuchsia? That doesn't look like fuchsia tho it is a pretty purple holo.
It's also a thermal polish! It will turn fuchsia when warm.
(stay tuned for my b-day mani featuring
this polish coming soon to my blog)
 Celestial Pink Posey
Swishie picked this one cuz its da most neon pink holo she'd ever seen 
& I agree cuz a bright bubblegum pink holo is definitely an Inky color.
 Elixir Lacquer With a K
Neon pink jelly with medium silver holo hexes & holo dust...
I am so all over this!
Emily de Molly Ana Carolina
A gorgeous fuchsia glitter bomb with tiny bits of green.
Swishie hunted down a bottle for herself
so we can have matching polish M&D manis.
Isn't my Dahling Polish Daughter practically perfect in every way?
<3 strong="">
Mr Inky's Birthday Gift to Me
After 23 years of marriage, my hubby knows me very well.
So when he came home with this bag da last week of January...
 I wanted to know if I could look inside now or did I have to wait.
I would have calmly waited the 2 weeks if he'd insisted,
but his wait problem is much worse than mine...
so I got to open it on da spot!
I now have a HK car window decal, jumbo car magnet,
car air freshener & car dash bobble head.
Me thinks Mr Inky is giving me da not so subtle hint
that it's time I get my driver's license.
Yeah, I know. How can I live in da US & not drive? Easy. Everybody has something that freaks them out. For some it's flying or da dentist or heights or closed in places or bugs, rodents or other critters. For me it's driving. I'm generally a calm person when things get tough. I knuckle down & get thru whatever emergency or tragedy has occurred & don't shy away from doing what needs doing. When it comes to driving I get so worried that I'll hurt somebody or damage something that I tend to freeze up & that's not a good thing to have happen when behind da wheel of a vehicle. However, he'll be travelling more this year & leaving me home for a week at a time with no way to get out isn't good either. (My BFF used to serve as my back up cab. but she's still recovering from her stem cell transplant in her fight against Multiple Myeloma cancer & isn't as available these days.) So he got me this pile o' HK cuteness as a bribe to get my license cuz he won't let me decorate da car with them unless I'm da one driving. Sneaky man!
 Also in my bag o' HK goodness were this kewl black HK tote style purse
& phone case. Da case actually fits my phone!
This is da 1st time I've been able to have a case I like that fits my phone.
I never did find cases for my Samsung G2 or G3.
Not only does this adorbs case fit my phone, it's also a wallet.
Mr Inky is 2-0 this year on da gift giving!
>^. .^<
Ciri just had to check out da new kitty in da house.
I may have a few other goodies to share after my birthday day
& if not, I know I have more indie polishes to show you.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Your welcome Polish Momma!! Cracking up at T pahahaha now you got no choice but to drive. In all fairness I'm really bad since the car accident and don't want to go back to learning....even though I use my fake break in the passenger seat. YOU CAN DO IT. Think of all the polish shops you could visit then LOL.

    1. True...if I don't crack up & destroy myself in a panic. LOL

  2. Replies
    1. I can plenty of damage from the safety of my home, thanks. LOL


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