Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nail Art A Go Go Challenge! ~ Day 9 Inner Geek

Hello Dahlings!
Today's prompt is Inner Geek.
What is there about me that is geeky? Um...everything?
I don't hide my geekiness, so I don't really have an inner geek to share,
unless you count Mr. Inky & he's not really a geek,
more like an old school nerd.
I guess y'all will just have to make do with these nails...
 A tribute to Mr Inky, who declared them to be 'cute'.
He likes the double helixes best.
 Da line up ~ Vivid Lacquer Theoretical Blogger & Republic Nails gitd.
 I used these 2 images off Vivid Lacquer plate VL017
 Under black light...
 ...and in da sink!
I haven't worn gitd for a couple of months & have really missed having
my night light nails.
I started with 2 easy coats of Theoretical Blogger.
Made decals using da gitd polish & applied them.
I added Seche Vite & called it good.
I could have just stamped on da nail,
but I wanted to make sure I got da images where I wanted them
& decals make this so much easier.
Tomorrow's nails ~ Night Sky
>^. .^<
I sees you with my laser high beams, Ziggy!
Thanks for stopping by & please go check out da other geeks!
~ Inky


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