Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nail Art A Go Go Challenge! ~ Day 20 Pop Culture

Hello Dahlings!
Today's Pop Culture mani was a bit of a fail,
but I'm showing it to you cuz something interesting happened...
 My thought was to do Nail Art as my Pop Culture theme.
I started with a base of white, then added a gradient.
(look at my thumb to see what the base is supposed to look like)
I made decals using a silver polish that I knew stamped well.
I applied my decals using the same Milani Glosse' clear polish
that I always use and got a watercolor-esque back ground
that all but obscured the stamping.
I like the serendipitous effect, but it isn't what I had in mind.
 Da line up ~ Finger Paints Paper Mache, Savvy Party Pink,
Color Club Ultra Violet & Orly Dazzle
plus not shown:
Miliani Glosse', a bit of sponge & a small detail brush
I used images off these nail art plates:
 Bundle Monster BM401
 Cheeky CH10
Tomorrow ~ Snow Day
(I promise, this one turned out much better!)
>^. .^<
Oh noes! I can't even look at dat hot mess on your claws.
Thanks for stopping by
& please go look at da good nail art done by da other ladies!
~ Inky


  1. It's so annoying when things don't quite work. This still looks very pretty though, I love the background! xx

    1. It sure is! Thanks & I like that part too. I just wish the stamping showed. LOL

  2. I hate when I have a fabulous idea in my head that gets all twisted up by the time it gets to the nail! But I love this!!! It looks like a gorgeous water color!! You're screw ups are better than most people's plans :p

    And I wish I could stamp, cause I'm dying to have that set!!

    1. IKR? Thanks! LOL
      I do most of my stamping on decals cuz it's so much easier to stamp on a flat surface & place the image where I want it. Plus if I mess up the stamping, I don't have to redo the nail.


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