Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nail Art A Go Go Challenge! ~ Day 5 Contrast

Hello Dahlings!
Today's prompt is Contrast & this is my 2nd attempt at it.
I learned back in school, about a bajillion years ago, that complimentary colors on da art color wheel have a high contrast. Red/green make me think Christmas, violet/yellow make me think UW Huskies & blue/orange make me think of my former SU! upline. (she had a near obsession with this combo & used it so much that it took about 3 years after she quit for anyone in our group to be able to use these colors together without wincing LOL) 
This mani being for a challenge, I went with da biggest challenge for me...
 Yep & this mani does indeed make me wince.
I think I got da contrast part right, but da decal...
I've had better ideas, just not for today's prompt.
(The question mark is da label of a new brand of wine Mr Inky found
at Costco. The red has da orange question mark &
 da white has a yellow smiley face.
He got them for our lil home museum of strange foods.)
 Da line up ~ Bondi Chasing the Sun & Finger Paints Inkblot Blue.
I did 2 coats on each finger.
CTS is an easy to work with crème & gave me no probs.
IBB is more of a crelly that really enjoyed flooding my cuticles
& staining them. Da color is also much darker on da nail
than in da bottle & too sheer to stamp with unless it's over white.
I'm glad I got it on clearance.
 MoYou plate 10 from The Pro Collection.
My thought with da decal was that by painting da back of the blue areas white,
they would show da color better. While this did work, my execution of it sucked.
Tomorrow is NEON!
Oh Happy Day!!!
>^. .^<
Me no likey this mani either.
Do pretties, not uglies, on your claws!
Thanks for stopping by & please go visit da other challenged ladies!
~ Inky


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