Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nail Art A Go Go Challenge! ~ Day 12 Camoflauge

Hello Dahlings!
I had way more fun with today's nails than I did with yesterday's.
They came out just how I wanted them to look.
Don't ya' just love it when that happens?
 Camouflage...Inky style!
Yeah, I know...da only place I could hope to blend in with these nails
is a rave & my age would make it impossible to blend in anyway.
 'Hey! Somebody's mom is here!' LMBBO
Da line up ~ Ruby Kisses French White & Black Utopia,
Sinful Colors Dream On & 24/7
plus my tiniest dotter
Too bad I only got to wear them for one day.
They went a long way towards making up
for da mangy mess on my other hand.
Tomorrow's mani ~ Hearts!
>^. .^<
I hiding up dis tree!
Um...Ciri? Da snow all melted.
Thanks for stopping by & please go blog hop da other ladies!
~ Inky


  1. ciri doesn't understand the concept of camouflage like your nails do!

    1. His only chance of hiding in plain sight is on snow days. LOL

  2. Gah, love these, and great minds think alike - my mani is so similar! I think your camo came out better than mine though :D xx

    1. Yep, some days da brain cells cosmically sync up! I use a tiny dotter rather than a brush for my squiggles. I tried a brush early on, but it just felt clunky.

    2. I think it was me being clunky tbh, I've cut my detail brush down to a wisp :D x

    3. I've had those days. LOL A skinny brush works too. I like that I don't have to work at making straight lines with this's to my advantage that my hands get shaky. <3


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