Monday, February 24, 2014

Nail Art A Go Go Challenge! ~ Day 24 Abstract

Hello Dahlings!
I am just barely keeping up at this point
(I painted today's nails last night),
but I am determined to finish this challenge on time!
Today's prompt ~ Abstract
My Inky brain went straight to Jackson Pollack
...and stayed there.
Back in da day, I worked at a jewelry studio
& one of da types of earrings we made
used paper that resembled Pollack's work.
We called it Modern Art
& I had all kinds of fun trying to match pairs
 of dye cut shapes with various paint splatters for earrings.
It sure beat slinging hash.
(Which I've also done, so I can honestly compare the 2.)
I decided to stay true to Pollack's choice of color...
 ... for my version of Autumn Rhythm (number 30)
 Da line up ~ Sally Hansen Polished Pearl, Sinful Colors GIDT,
Stampin' Up! Baked Brown Sugar, Shany Black 10 & White 09
plus a skinny coffee stir straw & my silicone decal template
(not shown: Milani Glosse', my go to decal base polish)
 I hadn't done a splatter mani yet!
Mostly due to a desire to avoid da clean up.
However, doing it on diy decals made it easy as can be!
I covered da templates for one hand with clear polish,
covering da separating lines so I'd have more options & let it dry.
I then went to town with my straw
starting with BBS then White then Black.
I was starting to get a lil dizzy by the end.
That was some blow job!
While the decals were drying,
I applied a coat of Sinful Colors over the Polished Pearl
that I had put on the day before.
I cut the 1" x 6" strip so as to get the best splatters
& applied them to my nails. 
A coat of Seche Vite & I was done.
You saw that GITD I listed & want to know how that part turned out?
 Freakin' Awesome!
I have got to do this again using neon gitd.
I just have to!
Tomorrow ~ Watercolor
>^. .^<
Me likey these claws!
How's come one paw looks good & da other not so good?
You should do dem both good...I da cat & I say so!
Thanks for stopping by & please go check out da other ladies' fine art!
~ Inky


  1. That's an awesome looking splatter :D x

  2. I love Jackson Pollock-inspired nail art!

  3. Once I've found a silicon mat this is happening! you are genius for creating the splatter as a decal

    1. Thanks, I have my moments. LOL
      Try looking where hot glue guns are sold as well as the floral craft section & cooking stores. Any color mat will do, just make sure it has a smooth surface. The cooking ones sometimes have a texture to them. As a bonus, silicone mats can be used as polish palettes when doing other nail art like dotting & gradients. The polish peels off once it's cured.

  4. Great idea to do the splatter as a decal. No more mess! Fab. Will be trying that at some point.

    1. Thanks, dahling! Making decals instead of doing whatever directly on you nails works for other messy techniques like water marbling, spun sugar, gradients etc. No more taping your fingers & minimal clean up!


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