Sunday, February 2, 2014

Show & Tell

Hello Dahlings!

This week I have more new-to-me indies & more polish from 1 of my fav indies.
While this brand has been around for a year, I just 'found' it myself this month & when I saw the holos & glitters with names I could relate to...well let's just say it's a good thing they offer mini bottles too!

 These are da 2 full size bottles I got in this order
& you'll see why when you scroll down...

 Fun House
Just look at those white & metallic hot pink skull & crossbones glitter
with lil bits of white & metallic hot pink circles in a purple jelly base!

 I Wanna Be Sedated
White & pink skully crossbones with asst neon bits in a black jelly base.
A black, neon & skullies polish named after a Ramone's song?
I'm in LURV!!!
I some how missed getting any skullies on da polishicles,
but that's ok cuz then they're all saved for my nails.

This is da Happy Holo-days Trio set in mini size.
A nice cheerful red.
Not da strongest rainbow I have, but a good color.

 Snow Day
Another less than wow rainbow,
but I didn't have a white holo in my collection.

 Elf Kiss
Now this is more like it!
No prob seeing da rainbow with this one.

 Some asst purples & a pink holo

 Lady Marmalade
This is a linear holo & a duo chrome!

 A Nice Chianti
A burgundy/purple duo chrome with a nice rainbow.

 Linear Lavender
I find that most light colors don't show a strong rainbow,
but this one defies that theory.

 The Precious
So does this one.

 a few more asst holos...

 The Big Bang Theory
Not only a good holo but a blue violet/lavender duo chrome!

 Paint It Black
Da rainbow in this one way stronger in person
& its named after my all time fav Rolling Stones song.
I need da big bottle...nuf said.

A Bottle Full Of Badassery
If da name weren't enuf to make me want this polish in my herd,
the gorgeous soft teal with da strong rainbow would make it so!

What can I say? I'm a sucker for Jenna's nail polish.
She most definitely makes my top 10 indie list!
Her latest foray into fandom is a line named after da British show 'QI'
hosted by da ever delightful Stephen Fry.
These are my top picks:
 Pliny The Elder
A yummy plummy brownish holo w/coppery sparkles
 Quite Interesting
Asst sizes of silver, turquoise & purple metallic
& holo hexes w/scads of silver holo dust.
You can really see how jam packed da clear base is with holo dust
on da dark side of da polishicle. (That would be da left side.)
Asst black, white & rainbow bits in a clear base.
It's a goes-with-everything polish!
Nobody Knows
A light rusty holo with a most unusual pearly pinkish tan shift.
You can see da shift inside da rainbow.
 This is da replacement bottle of this polish.
Da original broke its neck in transit & made quite a mess!
Jenna graciously replaced it. <3 font="">
I'm Your Huckleberry
A good, solid huckleberry purple crème.
Doesn't every polish collection need this?
Another I-don't-remember-where-I-saw-this-
cuz-I've-slept-since-then brand,
but it's also another I'm-glad-I-found-it brand!
 Natalie has lots of shimmery crèmes, sparkly holos
& glitter galore in her Etsy shop!
 Sweet Hearts
Purple, lavender & hints of (hiding from da camera) green
make up da scene for lavender hearts.
 Be Mine
Neon pink with a purple shimmer
 Pinking of You
Asst white & neon pink bits with BLACK HEARTS!!!
Yeah, I know I'm not normal, but I'm in love with this polish.
 White Christmas
At 1st one might think this is just a shimmery white crème,
but one would be wrong cuz this innocent looking polish
has a subtle shimmer of green & red that set it apart from da rest of da sheep.
I found it on sale, so HURRY if you want this unique gem for yourself!
 First Snow
This is da polish for when you want your snow mani to POP!
Not only does it have asst white shapes & snowflakes,
it sports fine green, gold & iridescent glitter
that gives it that lil extra special something.
 When I opened my Noodles order I was surprised
to find an extra lil bottle hiding in with da big boys.
I gots a freebie! Thanks Natalie!
Winter Wonderland
Blue, aqua & silver glitter bits play with white snowflakes in this frosty fest.
(I saved da snowflakes for my nails)
Next week?
Birthday Haul!!!
(or at least da stuff I go so far lol)
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. a bottle full of badassery looks amazing and lets face it sounds amazing

    1. It is! Definitely worth getting a full bottle.

  2. wow - there are some great polishes here!!! paint it black is MY fave stones song too!

    1. IKR! Like I needed another black holo, but with that could I not get it? LOL


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