Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weird Wednesdays ~ Short Lefties & Another Comparison!

Hello Dahlings!

Yep, I have another comparison for y'all today, but with a twist...I'm showing you my LEFT hand! I'm a lefty & usually my nail art turns out better on my right hand, so that's what you get to see. However, I've signed up for da Polish Passionista's Facebook Group's challenge in February...
You have to join da group to get in on da convo's
& inlinkz for this 28 day challenge, but you don't have to join to play
along at your own pace, picking which ever prompts float your boat.
Now I know many of you are thinking:
Yep, I am that crazy, but I'll let you in on a secret daily posting challenge tip: I start a couple of weeks before a challenge like this so I have at least da 1st week in da vault when da challenge starts. So for da rest of January you get my left hand while I'm doing challenge prompts on my right hand. My hands won't match & da nail lengths are different, but I can live with that to get a head start on what looks to be a fun aerobic workout for my brain & nail art skills.
So on to da nails...
 I started with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Slick Black.
I am happy to report that this one applied so much better
than Great White plus da sparklies showed!
Lookie, lookie!
My uber nubbin middle finger nail has grown back to shorty length.
 Da line up ~ Funky Fingers Mermaid Lagoon, Sally Hansen Grape Shifter,
Sinful Colors Frenzy, Claire's Mystical & L.A. Colors 582
(da LAC doesn't have a name tag)
2 coats over Slick Black.
 Mermaid Lagoon on thumb
I got this one thru a polish swap & love it! Alas, I haven't been able to find it online to get a back up. It has small fuchsia & medium light blue holo bits with light blue micro glitter filling da clear base. It goes on well & has a good bling factor.
Grape Shifter on index
This is an almost exact a dup for Mermaid Lagoon, so I have my back up!
It goes on well, tho if you don't like SH's fat brushes, beware.
Still, I highly recommend it if you like this glitter combo.
Frenzy on middle
Le sigh! This one was da disappointment in da bunch.
It's not a bad polish to apply, I just found it underwhelming.
The fine fuchsia & light blue glitter are sparse enuf to require undies
unless you like doing 3-4 coats of glitter.
Claire's Mystical on ring
This one wasn't so bad for a polish from Claire's!
It applied easily & would be opaque in 2-3 coats.
I think if I add some fine silver holo glitter to da turquoise
& fuchsia micro glitter, I might have something pretty spiffy!
I added a double line funky French using da Slick Black & Stripe Rite silver.
I generally don't like da brushes in nail art polishes,
but these are pretty thin & do a decent job.
>^. .^<
 Meowmy, Paw won't share!
 I'd really like a nibble, please...
 ...fine, I'll just pout.
Please share your dessert with me?
I cute & giving you pleading kitty eyes with a paw!
Not fair dat kittehs can't have sweets! *sad whiskers*
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, for you, they're short! Still looking great though, i like how the funky french tied the look together. Fab x x

    1. Thanks! I'm just glad the middle nail I ripped off below the nail line at the end of November grew back so fast. LOL That double line FFT is my go to design when I want some 'art' but don't want to cover up the pretty polishes.


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