Friday, January 3, 2014

Meowing in da Rain!

Hello Dahlings!
Today's post features my NYE nails done with a polish & a nail art plates
I got from Vivid Lacquer during my post Turkey day online shopping frenzy.
 This is 2 coats of Theoretical Statue.
It has blue, purple & pink micro glitter that gives it the speckles you can see in the pic & adds sparkle when da light hits it. It was a wee bit thick, but nothing a few drops of thinner couldn't fix. Because of the thickiness, it didn't want to level itself out & I dinged my index nail before I got my pic. I didn't sweat it cuz I knew da nail art was nigh!
 Da nail art line up: Mash dual head stamper, Kleancolor Metallic Black,
Orly Dazzle & Vivid Lacquer's XL squishy stamper & plastic scraper.
 This is the logo image I used from  da center of plate VL 003.
 I used da small end of da Mash stamper with Metallic Black to stamp da kitty on my ring finger nails. Really! I actually stamped ON MY NAIL.
Too bad I didn't do a better job. LOL Da one on my left hand has a better image,
but it's not centered. See? I do need to work on my direct to nail stamping skills. LOL
It's good to have goals, right?
 I then made a set of DIY decals using this image from plate VL 006 & Dazzle.
Why didn't I just stamp over da cat?
I wanted to make sure da raindrops fell down, not side ways.
I used da squishy stamper for this step & HOLY FREAKIN GUACOMOLE!!!
Because of rectangular shape, I had no prob lining up da stamper with da image on da plate or lining da stamper up with da decals. Da squishy head picked up all of da image & almost perfectly transferred it. (I blame user error for any imperfections!) The scraper that came with da stamper worked dang near perfectly at removing da excess polish from da image & didn't leave my plate all scratched up.
Methinks my Mash stamper may be put out to pasture
unless I need if for a really small image, like da cat.
I really liked this mani!
I really, really like da Vivid squishy stamper & scraper!
I sealed in all this Vivid goodness with a coat of Seche Vite.
Alas, at this time neither da polish nor da stamper are available on VL's Etsy site.
Hopefully they'll restock at least da stamper soon.
Both plates are available right now.
End wear report ~  I don't have a pic, but after 3 days of wear with lots of typing
& laundry, I had virtually NO tip wear! There were a few spots on da corners
that I could tell the top coat had started to wear off, but this polish held it's ground.
I didn't have any chipping either, but I rarely get chips in my manis & those are usually attached to a piece of nail when it breaks off.
I think this lack of chipping is largely due to my base coat. I basically mix my own using various base coats & nail treatments. I could use each of the ingredients on their own & just rotate wearing them, but none of them works as well on their own as they do when mixed together. I meant to do a post on this, like I did for my cuticle oil in Sept 2013, but I guess I forgot.
Note to self ~ Do a post on what all I use for my base coat.
>^. .^<
This is Frau Meyer.
She's visited my blog before. I wanted y'all to see her peacefully napping as she dreams of a body that works & doesn't hurt. She's almost 17-1/2 (that's 85+ in people years) & her health is failing. She won't be with me much longer. She's had a great life as cats measure such things & will be missed. 
All I can do for her now is keep her comfy & love her for as long as I can.
Now that I've depressed y'all...Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Now I'm all sad and junk :(

    But I love your nails Darlin'!! I have to SO get me one of them big squishy stampers! Then maybe I can stamp like all y'all experts!

    1. Yeah, death sucks!
      Me an expert? Nah! I'm just really good at faking it with DIY decals. LOL

  2. You didn't say!!! poor little lady :(. Yay for stamping on the nail!!

    1. We had other things to chat about. LOL Yeah, she's not doing well at all today. Methinks I may be calling the vet on Monday if she's still here.

      I'll get the hang of it yet! <3

  3. I have a friend who recently lost a well loved kittie....Of course if they weren't so well loved, we wouldn't feel their loss. Oh, and get that kitty out of the rain!

    1. True enuf! If kitties around here want to go outside & play, they have to be willing to get wet. LOL


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