Friday, January 24, 2014

LynB Designs Flamboyant Framboise!

Hello Dahlings!
Where have my nail art skills gone? Are they under da sofa or fridge?
Gah! I wanted to show you a fun indie & I am,
but please ignore my feeble attempt at embellishing it.
 I started out with 2 coats each of these 3 China Glaze polishes.
Designer Satin on pinky & index
I like this one.
It went on smooth & has a nice mulberry crème semi-gloss finish.
Liquid Leather on middle
Meh. It's ok & behaved itself,
but I have other black crème polishes that I prefer.
White On White on ring & thumb
I really don't like this polish!
It goes on patchy with streaks that can take 3 coats to smooth out.
Ain't nobody got time for that when there are so many good
or least less pita-y white polishes out there.
 Da line up: China Glaze Designer Satin, White on White & Liquid Leather plus LynB Designs Flamboyant Framboise & Essence skinny striper
 I added 2 coats of FF over the base colors
with some dabbing to place the larger glitters.
I love da way da largish bright pink holo hexes, hearts & purple micro glitter in a light cherry jelly base looks so different depending on the base color! My least fav is over da white. Not cuz I don't like the white polish, but rather cuz the 1st coat of FF was streaky & da 2nd coat didn't help much. This may be due to my ineptitude in applying it, but methinks I'll stick to wearing FF over black for POP or matching undies for a more subtle look. Hey! I wonder how FF would look over silver...
Anywho, if I had stopped there, all would have been well...but no, I just can't leave well enuf alone. Can I? So I used my skinny striper with da CG polishes to add my fav funky tips & utterly failed. Was I asleep at da brush or what?!?
Egad, I need a remedial class on my own technique. LMBBO
A coat of Seche Vite to seal in da horrors of this mani 
then I stuck a fork in it & called it done.
 I did have one small success while doing this mani...
I've been looking for a new clean up brush that has a smaller head than da one I've been using the last 2 years. For me, a clean up brush needs to have short stiff bristles & a narrow profile so I can get the polish off my skin without taking da polish off my nails. So there I is in Wally World (translate that to Walmart for those of you not up on your Inky speak) & on a largish, free standing E.L.F. display I see this brush for $1.
It fits my criteria & worked very well for cleaning up after my sloppy self.
Did I tell you it only cost $1? (Ok, it was a smidge more than that when they added on our ever annoying 9.5% state sales tax, but I try to ignore this government invasion of my finances as much as possible. LOL)
End wear report: After 2 days I have pretty much no tip wear cuz
while I find WoW to be a waste of my time,
China Glaze polishes are generally worth their reasonable price.
As for LynBDesigns ... you really can't go wrong with Jenna's fantabulous polishes! She just released a new line based on da hilarious British show QI. Accio Lacquer did a full review HERE & HERE
If you like fandom based indie polished & want to know who's releasing what when, 
Mishka is da woman in da know!
>^. .^<
 I really really want me some of dat!
 Fine, don't share...I'll just pout over here.
Why can't that boy behave hisself?
This is the last pic I took of Frau Meyer.
She didn't care that I had ice cream & wouldn't share,
she just wanted to sit in my lap & keep an eye on Ciri.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I don't remember this from my holiday. Why don't they price it with tax already make life less complicated?

    1. Each town, county & state in the US may charge a dif rate depending on what local taxes are added to the state tax base rate. Some states don't charge sales tax at all, but may charge income tax on residents of that state. By adding the tax at the register, the prices are more consistent. We don't have a federal Value Added Tax like the UK & Canada. We have federal income tax instead. It's all messed up. LOL


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