Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weird Wednesdays ~ Fail Fail Fail...on so many levels!

Hello Dahlings!
Have you ever sat down with a plan in mind & have almost everything that could go wrong happen? That was me da night I did this mani as well as a seriously failed attempt at my Feb 2nd Nail Art A Go Go nails. (I'm saving that one for later!)
So today's mani could be better...
 Da line up: NYC West Village, L'Oreal The Holographic,
Finger Paints Abstract Attraction & Revlon Pure Pearl
 2 coats of West Village.
A blackened violet with a subtle pink shimmer that went on without probs,
other than a tendency to stain my cuticles.
I got it at Dollar Tree
along with several other blackened colors from this line awhile back,
so I really can't complain...much. LOL
 1 coat each of The Holographic on index/ring
& Artistic Attraction on middle/pinkie.
The Holographic is a bit sparse, but at least it showed it's colors
 of blue violet, purple & green on da nail.
Let's talk about big cosmetic companies that can't be bothered to do their homework, shall we? This is OBVIOUSLY a flakie, not a holographic polish! It was bad enuf when Maybelline labeled a set of Color Show polishes holographic when they were clearly duo chromes, but really? Is it too much to expect from internationally known brands for them to look up the proper name of a product they wish to sell?
I guess it is. Blerg.
Artistic Attraction was tragically disappointing! It shows blue violet, purple, pink & green with hints of orangey-red in da bottle, but it just looks like lil bits of shadowy gray mylar on da nail. It's currently part of a promo at Sally's Beauty Supply (buy 2 packages of Ion Brights hair dye, get this polish for free) & since it is my fav brand of hair dye, I went for it. I can only say I'm glad this polish was free. Maybe a 2nd coat will help...
A 2nd coat of The Holographic definitely helped bring out more color,
but all I got was more scummy grey snow from AA.
If I tilt my hand just right
I can see da tiniest bits of color from AA,
but over's just meh.
 So I decided to add some stamping to distract me from this failed comparison.
(OK, so the comparison is technically a success,
but I don't like it that one of da polishes is a dud.)
This cloud like full nail image is from CICI & SISI plate 01. (I was tired at this point & didn't get a good pic. Sorry.) I tried stamping this image using their stamper & Kleancolor Metallic White, but da polish wouldn't stick to da stamper, so there was nothing to put on my nails. This boggles my mind cuz I had just used that stamper to test a bunch of polishes for Does It Stamp? & it worked great!
 So I grabbed da Vivid XL squishy & da Pure Pearl I had handy and tried again.
Da polish did stamp, but it didn't show up very well here
tho it did over black when I tested it.
Go figure? (tho' you can see more flakie color in this pic)
 See, I did too stamp! This is my index with TH.
This is my thumb with AA.
So if you've been eyeballing these polishes lately,
my recommendation is to get L'Oreal's The Holographic,
in spite of it's gross misnaming,
cuz it does do what it's supposed to do on da nail.
(Gee, run-on sentence much, Inky? LOL)
>^. .^<
I think we all need some Ciri Spam to cheer us up after that double failure!
 Ciri's 2nd fav chew toy (after Mr. Inky) is Ziggy.
15 pound Ziggy is over twice Ciri's 6 pound size!
(this pic really is to scale!)
 Ziggy also has longer legs
& can bop Ciri before Ciri gets close enuf to bop back.
 Circling around for another attack...
Ciri may be a lot smaller, but he's also a lot faster.
Lucky for Ciri that Ziggy is also a really mellow cat
& puts up with all these random attacks.
Don't worry that they are fighting for real & somebody will get hurt.
They're just wrestling the way kitties do.
Nobody is growling or yowling & nobody ends up bleeding.
It's flippin' hysterical to hear Ciri go 'THUMP' when he tackles Ziggy
& ends up sliding over Ziggy's shoulder. LMBBO
Thanks for putting up with all this silliness!
~ Inky


  1. LOL!! I was wondering about the new Finger Paints (my back woods Sally's hasn't gotten them yet). I haven't heard very many positive things yet.

    And LOL on Ciri! My full grown 9 pound girl (dog) is constantly beating up our 80 pound girl! With me yelling at the big one, "Don't eat the baby!" And yes the little one fits completely in her mouth! My Countess is tough!

    1. This one is part of their LE winter release, not part of the regular line, as far as I know. So if you Sally's doesn't get it, you haven't missed much. LOL

      Dogs have NO sense of size difference! How else would the world end up with Chihuahua/Great Dane mixes? LOL Cats do have this sense to a point cuz they puff themselves up when facing bigger foes. This is why Ciri is all arched up & Ziggy is a puddle of black. They know who's bigger! LOL Ciri just doesn't let it stop him.

  2. I completely agree with the misnaming dealy-O.. I too was fooled by Maybelline's 'holographic' releases.. I kept saying to myself.. WTF, where are these holographic? But I do love "The Holographic"...regardless of it's misnaming. =)

    1. It is nice to see a cool color flakie available! I really like the fire flakies (all red/orange/gold) & rainbow flakies I have, but sometimes I want something different.

  3. What a fun post! We all have those days and no one can accuse you of not giving it your best shot! x x x

    1. Thanks! I'm well known for my perversity, not wait perseverance. Both? LOL


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