Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Quickie ~ A New Way to Crack!

Hello Dahlings!
I was recently weeding out da YouTube links that had piled up in my inbox & found a nifty new-to-me way to use all those crackle polishes I just had to have in 2012.
Thanks to Arcadia Nail Art for her brilliance!
I'm pretty sure that I'm not da only one that has at least a couple bottles tucked away in da back of a drawer. But 1st, I'm going to show you another comparison
(I'm seem to be in a rut of late. LOL)...
 Line up #1 ~ BK 16, Julie G Silver Bells,
Finger Paints Snow Crystals & Orly Silver Pixel
 2 coats of each.
BK 16 on pinky
Don't bother ordering this from Born Pretty Store. Even tho' its label 'crystal sand' it isn't a texture polish. It's rather sheer & needs undies or 3-4 coats. It went on ok & dried smooth, but it's not worth da price for da 10ml bottle.
Julie G Silver Bells on ring
This polish is from their Gumdrops line & has a nice, not too rough texture, like a medium fine grit nail file. It went on smooth & was almost opaque with 2 thin coats. Its also a 10ml bottle, but reasonably priced.
Finger Paints Snow Crystals on middle
I like this one a lot! It has small glitters in with da fine bits & has a noticeable texture with plenty of bling factor. Its a good price for the 15ml bottle & no prob application.
Orly Silver Pixel on index
When this line came out late spring/early summer 2013 I was all over it, until I got it home & found that it wasn't as textured as the Milani & Sally Hansen texture polishes released around da same time. It is texture polish, tho' a wee bit more subtle version than da Finger Paints. It has a good bling factor, no app issues & at $10ish for 18ml, a good value.
Line up #2 ~ Claire's no name (lavender glitter crack) & China Glaze Glam-more
This is one coat of da Claire's applied going across da nail from side to side. 
Why, oh why, do I keep buying nail polish from Claire's?
They look so pretty in da bottles & aren't a bad price,
but I'm almost always disappointed in their performance.
 A close up of my index just to show that it did crack.
Sort of, maybe, if it has to, I guess.
I added a coat of Seche Vite at this point
cuz crack won't crack over another crack.
One coat of Glam-more applied from cuticle to tip & nicely cracked!
This is what crackle polish is supposed to do.
Are you paying attention Claire's?
I followed up with another coat of Seche Vite.
To learn how to do what I just did,
go visit Arcadia Nails YouTube channel & watch her tutorial 
>^. .^<
 I likes what's on this shiny thing!
 Hey! You gots more in there...can I haves?
 Fine. I drink your milk instead.
 What's these? They look like escapees from da litter box.
 I don't think I eats those!
(for those of you pondering what Ciri is looking at,
it's sea salt chocolate covered caramels)
I guess I just gets to nap on top of da yogurt Paw wouldn't share with me.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Replies
    1. I think both the USPO & RM would object, strenuously, if I mailed him to you. LMBBO Besides, we'd miss him something awful. <3

  2. ROFL!!! "Crack won't crack on top of crack"!!!! You are too funny!!

    And thanks for the idea of what to do with all my crack!

    1. I didn't come up with that helpful tip...I just rephrased it into Inky-speak. LOL You are most welcome! <3

  3. I've wanted to use my crackle again. Thank you for this post!

    1. You're welcome! Info that isn't shared, isn't worth much. <3

  4. Hey, if Ciri doesn't want them, I'll take does caramels...::nom nom nom::

    1. Chocolate is bad for cats, but good for Doctors! LOL


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